Georgios Papageorgiou

Tourism, Hospitality and Sports

BA Tourism Business Administration, Technological Educational Institute of Athens; MSc and PhD Tourism Policy and Management, University of Birmingham

Dr. Papageorgiou is the Head of the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Department, and lectures in the areas of tourism and hospitality management. Before joining Deree, Dr. Papageorgiou was a Lecturer in Tourism at the University of Surrey, and the Academic Dean at Alpine Center in Greece. Dr. Papageorgiou has published in refereed journals and edited books, and is the co-editor of the volume ‘Lifelong Learning for Tourism: Concepts, Policy and Implementation’, published by Routledge. His experience focuses on academic quality assurance in the areas of tourism and hospitality, and his research interests include destination management and marketing, tourism education, and the relationship between tourism and popular culture – in particular literature and music. Dr. Papageorgiou also serves as the advisor to the Deree Music Club.