Eleni Patra

Management and International Business

BS in Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; MS in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; PhD, The University of the Aegean

Eleni Patra has been a member of the Deree faculty Department of Management since 1990. She has taught and developed several courses in Management and Organizational Behavior, especially in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations, Entrepreneurship, and International Human Resource Management. Dr. Patra has experience as a Labor Mediator and Arbitrator and as a Human Resource Professional in major organizations and consulting firms.

Dr. Patra is active in research, attending several seminars per year in her area of interest. She has published articles in international journals, authored chapters in books and participated in international conferences. Her recent papers, both published in 2012, include Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining in Times of Crisis: The Case of Greece, published by the ILO and Current Situation and Future Trends of the Industrial Relations System and Trade Unions in Greece (with A. Nikolopoulos) published in the Management Revue.