April, 2024

202408Apr(Apr 8)12:0012(Apr 12)18:00Building a Better World Through Alternative Protein Sources12:00 - 18:00 (12)

Event Details

When: Monday, April 8 – Friday, April 12, 2024 | 12:00-18:00

Where: Dipnsofostirion Student Lounge, Main Corridor

Organized by:
Center of Excellence in Food, Tourism & Leisure – The American College of Greece

About the event

Welcome to a LIKE-A-PRO event at ACG!

The LIKE-A-PRO is a 13.9 € million project aiming to facilitate sustainable and healthy diets by shifting promising alternative proteins and products from niche to mainstream. Alternative proteins are those obtained from sources other than conventional animal-based, i.e., from sources that are plant-based, microbe-based, ocean-based, fungus-based, and insect-based.

This 5-day initiative invites us to rethink our relationship to animal-based protein sources through several fun activities, including daily online quizzes! Learn more about this event and the links to our daily quizzes through our social media accounts below. Get a chance to win free plant-based meals at Dipnosofistirion, T-shirts, and Tote bags!

The event is free and open to ACG students, faculty, and staff.

For more information, contact the Center of Excellence in Food, Tourism & Leisure: [email protected]


The Center of Excellence in Food, Tourism & Leisure (CoEFTL) announces the implementation of the 1st Living Lab within the pioneering research project “Building a better world through alternative protein sources,” funded by the EU – Horizon Europe.

LIKE-A-PRO aims to shift the food production system in Europe towards a more sustainable model by exploring consumer attitudes and behavior towards specific alternative sources of dietary proteins. While there is interest among European consumers in more sustainable food choices, translating awareness and intention into specific behavior (purchasing and consumption) remains a challenge. Living Labs in the framework of LIKE-A-PRO deals with this gap between behavioral intention and actual behavior to understand how Europeans choose meat-based products and foods and the factors that influence their decisions related to this.

Four Living Labs will take place in consecutive time intervals between spring 2024 and spring 2025 in Greece, as well as in 10 other European countries, with the aim of examining in an experiential way the different aspects that shape our dietary decisions around meat.

CoEFTL will implement the 4 Living Lab in Greece, starting with the 1st that will apply the “choice editing” intervention methodology. This 1st intervention, together with the communication campaign “Meat or Dare!” that accompanies it, developed by Digital Designers of Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts, will take place during the week of April 8-12, 2024, at Deipnosofistrio and related premises of our campus.

Throughout this week-long intervention, Deipnosofistirion will limit the meat options available to consumers on that week’s menu to fewer meat dishes and meat-based products or no meat dishes and products at all each day. CoEFTL researchers and ACG students will interview consumers during random time intervals each day to explore their attitudes and behaviors towards meat consumption and opinions about the meat reduction initiative. Simultaneously, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the value of alternative protein sources, like forage plants (peas), mushrooms, insects, marine life forms such as krill, and more.

For those interested in the future of food and how it can be both sustainable and delicious, the campaign “Meat or Dare!” within the 1st Living Lab of LIKE-A-PRO is expected to offer valuable information. Stay up to date by following CoEFTL on LinkedIn!

We strongly acknowledge the support of Dipnosofistirion and its staff, whom we cordially thank!