March, 2023

202320Mar17:30A Group Exhibition of Works from ACG Art Collection17:30

Event Details

A Group Exhibition of Works from ACG Art Collection

Opening: 20/03 at 17:30

21-23/03/2023 from 14:00-17:00 at the ACG Art Gallery

Curators: Clio Georgiadis, Katsounis Evan, Lasithiotaki Athina, Milesi Katerina, Pitsilka Elena

In Collaboration with the ACG Art Collection

“Parousa” is a phrase used in the Greek language. It is used by a person, who identifies as a female, when she needs to declare her presence somewhere. This place can range from a classroom, a room, or even a gallery space. Parousa in this case, delves into the very presence of a woman in this exhibition space as a statement of existence.

Parousa explores and illuminates the presence of females in art and whether they are effectively conveyed as empowered agents or displayed in their prevailing lack of agency. Ultimately, we aim to explore the impact women have had on society and the arts and vice versa.