May, 2023

202329May(May 29)12:3030(May 30)17:305th Athens Social Sciences Forum12:30 - 17:30 (30)

Event Details

Organized by
Sociology Society, Deree – The American College of Greece

in collaboration with
Student Association for International Affairs (SAFIA)


Monday, May 29, 2023 | 12:30-17:00
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 | 14:30-17:30

Where: Arts Center Auditorium

Attendance is free of charge.
Parking on campus upon availability.


About the Event

The Athens Social Sciences Forum is an annual Undergraduate Student Conference organized by the Sociology Society of the American College of Greece-Deree in collaboration with the Student Association for International Affairs (SAFIA). Social Science students from ACG and Greek public universities will present their work (outstanding research papers or theses) in this open, annual event. The purpose of the Athens Social Sciences Forum is to showcase and celebrate student research, to promote interinstitutional collaboration, and to provide space for dialogue and meaningful exchange of ideas among students of different social science disciplines.

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A certificate of attendance will be issued to those who attend both days.



DAY 1 | MAY 29

12:40-12:50 | Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome Remarks, Dr. Chryssa Zachou, Sociology Department Head
  • Ilaeira Korda, President of the Sociology Society
  • Niki Tourka, President of SAFIA

12:50-14:10 | SESSION 1

Moderator:  Ilaeira Korda

  1. Tsoumpi, Amalia: From Mommy Dearest to Helen of Troy: The Enduring Legacy of the Madonna-Whore Dichotomy in Ambivalent Sexism and Intimate Relationships
  2. Krati, Maria: Αthena: A Website for the Survivors of Sexual Violence
  3. Karathanasis, Kostas: “Τzou”- Racing Against Adversity: A Woman’s Inspiring Comeback Story” ”(short documentary)


14:10-14:30 | Break

14:30-15:25 | SESSION 2

 Moderator:  Penelope Liverakos

  1. Papaioannou, Anastasios: Toward a Sadistic Society: The Rise of fauxcest Pornography
  2. Bollas, Angelos: Non-Penetrative Sex & Gay Men’s Friendships: An Exploratory Study


15:25-15:35 | Break

15:35-16:50 | SESSION 3

Moderator: Niki Tourka

  1. Fais, Vera: Music as Propaganda Under the Third Reich: The Case of Bach
  2. Tsocha, Magdalini: Η ιδεολογία των Αδελφών Μουσουλμάνων και η πολιτική πρακτική σήμερα
  3. Drosos Anagnostopoulos Phevos: Τι θα μπορούσε να Μειώσει την Ανθρωπογενή Πίεση επί των Φυσικών Πόρων: Η Απο-Ανάπτυξη (Degrowth) ή ο Έλεγχος του Πληθυσμού;

DAY 2 | MAY 30

14:30-16:10 |SESSION 1

Moderator:  Anastasios Papaioanou

  1. Karkalou, Romina: Exploring the Architectonics of the Association between Trait Emotional Intelligence, Occupational Stress and Resilience in Employees in Greece
  2. Emvaloti, Evangelia (Evelina): Cultural Kaleidoscope: Journeying through X-Culture
  3. Simosis, Christos How to Defend European Champions
  4. Giannakouli, Melina, Geography is Destiny: Is globalization threatening the relevance and importance of geopolitics?


16:10-16:20 | Break

16:20- 17:30 | SESSION 2

Moderator:  Penelope Liverakos

  1. Giatzoglou, Evgenia: Χρόνια νόσος και επικοινωνία εστιασμένη στον γιατρό: Υπάρχει άλλο σενάριο;
  2. Kelemi, Anna-Maria: Ο ρόλος της οικογένειας στη νευρική ανορεξία: Θεωρητικά μοντέλα και προτάσεις για θεραπεία
  3. Provias, Evangelos: Χαμηλής ποιότητας φαγητό με τέλεια όψη: Πως οι εταιρείες παράγουν τροφές στις οποίες είναι αδύνατον να αντισταθείς!