Parthenia Haritatou

English and Modern Languages

Dr. Parthenia Haritatou holds a BA in English Literature and Linguistics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), MA in English Literature, PhD in Philosophy, Newcastle University Upon Tyne, Great Britain. Dr. Haritatou has been a Seminar Tutor at Newcastle University (English department) where she taught Modernist, Post modernist Literature and Poetry and History of Film for the academic years 2011-2013. Her research focuses on feminist issues and the women’s question and on the ways these issues are raised in the English and American Literature of early 19th century. She is the writer of the book Collection of Works of English and American Literature (2013) which is being taught at Greek Schools of Secondary Education. Articles of hers have been published in numerous scientific magazines (Cambridge, Sydney, Paris, Athens). She has also been a member of D.H.Lawrence Society (Eastwood, Nottingham, UK) and a member of the board of the Greek Pan-Hellenic Scientific Union of English Teachers (since 2014). For the year 2017-2018, she had been a member of the Partners- Counsellors Team of Deputy Minister of Education (Counselling-Administration duties). Since 2015, Dr Haritatou has been an official member of the Board of Counsellors of Cambridge Scholars Editions.