The American College of Greece | DEREE ATHLETICS


Deree Athletics is following all GSS (General Secretariat of Sports) and EODY (National Public Health Organization) instructions and directives issued during the COVID-19 period, having always the safety of our students and ACG community as our top priority.

Since these directives are frequently updated – and until further notice – access to the athletic facilities and locker rooms is limited and according to their maximum capacity; saunas remain in suspension of operation.

In order to use the athletic facilities you must have your ACG ID card stamped with the 2020-21 athletic facilities sticker, and upon your first visit you must submit the “Athlete’s Registration Card”

  • There will be one entrance/exit per athletic facility, and all should be registered in the “Log list” and clearly write all requested information.
  • Use of your own towel is mandatory, and you should bring your own bottle of water and wipe down all equipment before and after use.
  • Use of the facilities is for a maximum duration of 50’, which may be extended depending on availability and after a permission granted by the OA staff on duty.
  • Use of the locker rooms is restricted to a 10’ maximum stay.

Kindly check frequently for updates, since we follow the government directives immediately after their announcement.

Questions and Answers

Will the athletic facilities be open?

The athletic facilities will be open to students, faculty and staff, but with modifications in order to follow government directives, facilitate social distancing and enable appropriate cleaning and sanitizing.

There are specific capacities per facility and locker-room use, which may result to a maximum stay. We update them following the government directives.

Is there a specific procedure in order to use the athletic facilities?

Yes, other than your medical certificates, you must submit the relevant document (“Athlete’s Registration Card”), and be registered in the “Log list” at the entrance of each athletic facility every time you are entering or exiting.

Will sports be played in the fall?

More likely yes. We are working on all levels to identify and consider ways to compete that minimize risk. We will follow all sport federations’ directives and decisions and we will share more as soon as we are able to.

Practices per team will run as scheduled, following all government directives.

Will spectators be allowed in games?

No, all games will be played without spectators. Additionally, no one is allowed in the athletic facilities other than players, coaches, and the necessary staff.

Are the athletic facilities being properly cleaned and sanitized?

Yes, we follow all protocols issued by the National Public Health Organization.

Will there be antiseptic gels for use?

Yes, at all places and you are strongly recommended to use them when entering and leaving the facility.

Will the use of water coolers and vending machines be permitted?

No, you should bring your own bottle of water, and do not share.

What should I do if I do not feel well or develop symptoms?

You should not visit the athletic facilities if you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath or cough, myalgia, diarrhea, sore throat or anemia (loss of smell). Should any of these symptoms occur, you should stay at home and inform your doctor immediately.