Jun 30

Deree – The American College of Greece offers more than 1,000 courses each academic year. Continuing students register for courses via the myACG portal. New students are registered in-person by their academic advisor. Study Abroad students complete the course registration form with their home campus academic advisor and then submit the form to the Office of Admissions to be registered.

As a service to students and advisors planning course schedules, you will find PDFs of future semesters' schedules of classes. Keep in mind that these schedules are accurate as of the date they were published. For current course information, please log into the myACG portal or contact the offices of Academic Advising or Admissions.

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Comments on new OU regulations
Regulations for validated awards of the Open University for Institutions offering Dual awards
Student's guide to studying on a program validated by The Open University
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Deree College Transfer Credit Equivalency (undergraduate)

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