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2023 Annual Fund

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Investing in the future

Our alumni tell us ACG shaped the trajectory of their lives. ACG infused them with the values of service and meritocracy. It broadened their worldview, and equipped them with skills they need for career success.

They sum it up as “shockingly different” from other educational opportunities in Greece.

But many talented young people need financial support to invest in an ACG education so they can step into their futures prepared to reach their full potential.

With your generous support, The American College of Greece can open doors for these students through scholarships.

Together, we can give outstanding students like Pierce scholar Giannis Argyropoulos, Alba scholar Tasos Ntaskas, and Deree scholar Farahnaz Faiz a shot at the high-quality education ACG provides so they can build a better future for themselves — and for the world.

With your support, we can do more. Please help us reach our June 30, 2023 goal of raising €10,000 to support one new scholarship for the coming academic year by making a gift of €50 or more to ACG’s Annual Fund today.


“I know people who would relish the opportunity to be in the same fortunate position that I am right now. That’s why I study and push myself so hard; I try to capitalize as much as I can on the chance that I have been given. I always strive to become the best version of myself, and the school has massively helped me in that respect.”
Giannis Argyropoulos, Pierce scholar


“I like to dream my journey might lead me to become a CFO, a CEO or to embark on my own venture, but the truth is I don’t know how my path will unfold. What I do know is that one of the catalysts towards this future Tasos will be the Alba MBA experience, which I wouldn’t be able to afford without your help.”
Alba MBA student and scholarship recipient, Tasos Ntaskas


“I studied economics for six semesters at university in Afghanistan. I also taught various subjects in a high school there, including language, science, and IT, before I was forced to flee with my family. The most important thing about the scholarship at Deree is that it allows me to continue my life with purpose, agency, and passion. Education is everything to me. School has always been an inseparable part of my life. My vision is to prove myself and eventually become a professor in a well-known university, so that I can share my knowledge with others.”
Farahnaz Faiz, Deree scholar, Education Unites refugee scholarship program

How can I donate?

The easiest way to make your gift is by using our online forms.


* Do you reside outside of the US or Greece and want to support us?
Please use either link above to give your support.


Why should we give to the Annual Fund if we already pay tuition fees?
Pierce, Deree and Alba, as part of The American College of Greece, are all nonprofit educational divisions that are not supported by the state financially. Learning at ACG is possible through student tuition and corporate and private donors' generosity. Your support will ensure immediate assistance to our students who are academically high-performing students in financial need.

As alumni, why should we give back to ACG?
In 2022-2023, more than 50% of our ACG students relied on €7 million in financial assistance. For the past ten years, we have seen an increase in recipients' financial aid by as much as 600%. Your support will allow us to continue our mission, enabling hundreds of outstanding students each year to gain access to an ACG education and increase ACG's impact on the community.

How much should I give?
Please consider a donation that is meaningful to you. Contributions begin at €20 and up. All donations are needed and are greatly appreciated.

Can I become even more involved?
Yes! Post the #ACGAnnualFund2023 hashtag on your social media page after making a gift to help us spread the word about our campaign. If you are an Alumnus/a and want to become more involved, you can contact us at [email protected]

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes, it is if you are donating from the US. The American College of Greece is a US 501c3 nonprofit educational institution. Gifts to The American College of Greece are deductible as charitable donations to the extent allowed by US law.

What is ACG?
The American College of Greece (ACG) was established in 1875 and is the largest and oldest independent, private, nonprofit, and U.S.-accredited American academic institution of higher learning in Europe. In its 148 years, ACG has grown from a missionary-run primary school with seven students to an independent, nonprofit, comprehensive academic institution enrolling over 7,100 students in all its divisions. This broad involvement represents a cross-section of Greek society and encompasses 72 countries. The educational institution's three divisions consist of Pierce (2,400 P-K, elementary, and secondary students), Deree (4,000 university undergraduates and graduates), and Alba (500 graduate business school students).

What is the Annual Fund?
Our main objectives are to raise funds to ensure our economically challenged students return in the next academic year and provide more scholarship opportunities for young people.

How can I make my donation go further (Matching Gift option)?
Many U.S. companies encourage employees to donate to their favorite charities by matching their contributions, sometimes dollar-for-dollar or more. So the impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled! All you need to do is contact your Human Resources or matching gifts department to see if you can establish a matching gifts program with us. If you want to find out more about this option, please feel free to reach out to our U.S. Advancement Office at [email protected] or (617) 386-3564.