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Student Emergency Fund

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Student Emergency Fund

On March 10, 2020 our vibrant bustling campus was closed and fell silent in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lives of our students, families, faculty, staff and 59,000 alumni around the world have been disrupted.

Our classrooms suddenly emptied, our 5,700 students were gone.
Our impressive athletic facilities sat dormant without the daily use from our 700 ACG and community athletes.
All 100 social, educational, and community events were canceled.

We responded quickly. We adapted, we changed, we innovated.

Within days, we transformed from a 145-year-old traditional institution to an online education system including e-learning, virtual counseling, and remotely managed examinations.

Our digital fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) began printing and donating hundreds of protective face shields for hospitals throughout Greece including Athens, Patras, Chania, and Larissa.

ACG’s student lounge was converted into an emergency blood drive center.

Our alumni engagement transitioned from in person events to online formats, focusing on promoting social and professional connections, and enhancing lifelong development through new digital initiatives.

Despite this swift, radical change, we remained committed and connected to our students, Alumni and our community.

Today, we are addressing the challenges and repercussions of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re grateful for our donors, who have made it possible to increase financial assistance for our students by over 600% in the last 10 years. However, our ability to provide scholarships in 2020 will now be significantly impacted and we are preparing for much higher demand on our limited scholarship funds.

Despite the fiscal pressures, we believe we have an obligation to help our most vulnerable students. And, we need your help.

    By contributing today, you help us provide:
    ●Funds for Deree students who have lost wages or jobs they depend on to pay for their education and support themselves or their families.
    ● Funds for Pierce students from families who are facing financial difficulty.
    ●Computers and internet access to those students who will not otherwise be able to complete their coursework.

    All funds raised are administered and distributed by our Student Emergency Fund to ensure equity and support for the students in greatest need.

    The Student Emergency 2020 Campaign raised so far...



    40,000 dollars

    Can I still donate?

    Yes you can always donate to the school! The easiest way to make your gift is by using our online forms.

    Thank you :)

    We would like to recognize the donors who donated to The American College of Greece Student Emergency Fund Campaign.


    EUROPA Ins. Co S.A.


    Fotini Dimopoulou


    Alexander Aldous


    George Argyropoulos
    Alexandros Eleftheriadis
    Ekaterini Yamalaki Chalkiopoulou
    Elene Valassi Adam


    Theodoros Hatzitheodorou
    Helena Mitchell
    Evangelos Perros
    Agapi Petraki Giannatsi
    Daphne Phylactopoulou - Hatsopoulou


    Aphrodite Karayiannaki
    Christina Petsiava


    Christina Argyropoulou
    Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotaki
    Aris Fotopoulos
    Marina Iossif
    Georgios Kaliviotis
    Kostas Kokkinakis
    Areti Krepapa
    Theodore Priskomatis
    Pavlos Psyllakis
    Evangelia Stratzalis
    Athanasios Theodoratos
    Susan Stetson Tiligadas
    Emmanuel Varlas
    Evaggelia Zarbi


    Janessa Arredondo
    Elizabeth Arvanitis
    Marinos Billionis
    Eleni Bouga
    Christina Chantzou
    Eleni Dourou
    Spyridon Gangas
    Artemis Hionides
    Philip Kachramanos
    Eleana Kaloumenou
    Panos Karan
    Gregory Katsas
    Idiomeneas Kochilakis
    Stylianos Kotsias
    Angela Lazaraki
    Eleni Mouzaki
    Philip Miliotis
    Stavroula Mizeraki
    Anthony Nesgos
    Nayeli Palacios
    Mando Papageorgiou
    Kalomira Panoussi
    Nectarios Panteleou
    Margaret Petsiava Anastassopoulou
    Konstantinos Sakkas
    Sofia Sarri
    Thomas Tziortziotis
    Ekaterini Tzalonikou
    Chrysoula Yiannakaki
    Alexandros Valentis
    Ioannis Ziavras


    Why is 2020 a good time for US donors to support the ACG Student Emergency Fund?
    If you live in the US and you support ACG now, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act makes your cash gift more valuable than ever. This time-limited opportunity is only available for gifts that are made in 2020. For itemizers: The limit on your charitable deduction has been raised from 60% to 100% of your adjusted gross income for 2020. For non-itemizers: You can claim a new above the line charitable deduction for total cash donations of up to $300 ($600 for a married couple filing jointly).

    Why should we give to the Student Emergency Fund if we already pay tuition fees?
    Pierce and Deree [as part of The American College of Greece] are both nonprofit educational institutions whose finances are not supported by the state. Learning at both Pierce and Deree is possible through student tuition and the generosity of corporate and private donors. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a real and immediate cost to the College since March 2020, and we forecast it will have an even greater financial impact this coming year affecting the number of students who currently receive financial support from scholarships. Your support will ensure immediate assistance to our Pierce and Deree students who are academically high-performing students in financial need.

    As alumni of Pierce and Deree why should we give back to ACG?
    In 2019, more than 48% of our ACG students relied on 6.7 million euros in scholarships. For the past 10 years, we have seen an increase in financial aid to scholarship recipients by as much as 600%. But in March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our lives, ACG received a substantial hit to the revenue sources of the school. Your support will allow us to continue our mission, enabling hundreds of outstanding students each year to gain access to an ACG education and increase ACG’s impact on the community.

    How much should I give?
    Please consider a donation that is meaningful to you. Donations begin at 20€ and up. All donations are needed and are greatly appreciated.

    Can I become even more involved?
    Yes! Post the #ACGEmergencyEducation hashtag on your social media page after you make a gift to help us spread the word about our campaign.
    If you are an Alumnus/a and want to become more involved you can contact us at [email protected]

    Is my gift tax-deductible?
    Yes, it is if you are donating from the US. The American College of Greece is a US IRS recognized nonprofit educational institution. Gifts to The American College of Greece are deductible as charitable donations to the extent allowed by US law.

    What is ACG?
    The American College of Greece (ACG) was established in 1875 and is the largest and oldest, independent, private, non-profit, accredited American academic institution of higher learning in Europe. In its 145 years, ACG has grown from a missionary-run primary school with an enrollment of seven students to an independent, non-profit, comprehensive, academic institution enrolling over 5,500 students in all its divisions. This broad involvement represents a cross-section of Greek society and encompasses 72 countries. The educational institution’s three divisions consist of Pierce College (1,500 middle and secondary school students), Deree College (3,500 university undergraduates and graduates), and Alba (700 graduate business school students).

    What is the Student Emergency Fund?
    The Student Emergency Fund is our focused fundraising effort response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our two main objectives are to raise funds for scholarships to ensure our economically challenged students return in the next academic year and to cover any educational-related expenses as students have moved to online classes.