Pierce Leadership Academy; A journey in leadership, ethos, science, and the arts!

What would a summertime of exploration be like? To learn about history, sciences, arts and leadership at the very birthplace of concepts such as democracy and philosophy?

The Pierce Leadership Academy at The American College of Greece is an experiential three-week educational summer program for students ages 13-17 from around the world. The program will take place from June 25 to July 13, 2018.

The Academy’s goal is to stimulate intellectual curiosity, expose each participant to fundamental concepts and pathways to leadership, and cultivate skills that are necessary for success regardless of each student’s field of endeavor. The program takes place in Athens, the city where the foundations of Western thought and civilization were first laid out.

Students will be inspired to challenge themselves in meaningful ways that lead to self-discovery, personal growth, and responsible decision-making. With three weeks full of courses, workshops, simulations, debates, and field trip adventures, the Academy is more than just a summer program, it is a holistic experience that students will look back on as one of the defining moments in their lives.

PLA students can choose one of the following modules:

DramArting, From Humanism to Leadership, Mediation and Social Change, STEM.

So, why choose Greece for your summer abroad?

The Pierce Leadership Academy (PLA) is a unique program hosted in an equally unique environment. It offers an ideal way to explore time-tested values and modern realities, both equally important in shaping young people’s understanding of their world and preparing them to assume leadership positions.

After exploring in the classroom issues such as modern ethical dilemmas, advances in data science or robotics, or the mechanics of conflict resolution in class, students will enjoy the camaraderie of educational field trips and the joy of cooperative creativity.

They will also explore Athens and Greece, ancient and modern, touching upon timeless themes as well as issues more particular to the contemporary human condition. Fun activities as well as trips to the beach and interesting locales will round off a memorable summer experience.

International students, as well as Greek students from beyond Athens, who attend the Pierce Leadership Academy, will have the opportunity to live in ACG’s modern Residences Complex, just a short walk from campus.

For more information regarding the program, visit the Pierce Leadership Academy website.