Heartwarming meeting between Pierce Scholarship recipient and Alumnae

There’s only so far one can reach on their own. But with a helping hand, anything is possible.

Testament to this is Maria-Myrto Papathoma (P’17), who on January 24, 2018, met with Pierce Alumnae of 1986 representatives Joanna Konstantinou-Stravoudakis and Lila Stergiopoulou who supported her studies at Pierce through proceeds collected during their class reunion, in the spirit of the school’s motto “Non ministrari sed ministrare” (to serve not to be served).

Maria is currently studying Journalism at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, something she relayed with joy to the alumni who in turn gave her advice on her future plans.

The meeting was very emotional, as Myrto and her mother, Ms. Georgia Tsitsirigou, expressed their sincerest gratitude for the valuable support provided and promised to meet again, this time with the rest of the 1986 alumnae!