ACG Alumni present in Top Companies in Greece and Abroad

The American College of Greece is extremely proud of its diverse 54,000 – and counting – alumni, who constitute an active workforce, diversified in many fields, both domestically and internationally. Many of them are at the highest professional level and serve as an inspiration to future alumni.

Testament to the value the business world holds for ACG alumni, is the high percentage who work in leading companies.

An astounding 100% of ACG alumni work for “Greece’s Most Admired Companies”, while an impressive 73% are employed in the “Top 100 Biggest Companies in Greece” and 50% hold positions in the “30 Fastest Growing Companies in Greece”, with the top companies listed in Fortune Magazine.

Globally, over 60% of ACG alumni work in the “Top 100 Most Powerful Brands in the World, while 30.4% are employed in the “Top 500 Biggest Companies in the World”, with the top companies listed in Forbes.

At The American College of Greece we want Alumni stories to be heard and their successes to be celebrated. Their professional accomplishments and contributions to society serve as an inspiration to the local and international community. ACG stands by them from the very first step, wishing them the very best in their ventures – and to keep inspiring future professionals!

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