Alba Graduation 2016: Congratulations & Welcome to Our Alumni Family!

The Alba Graduate Business School’s Graduation Ceremony of 2016 took place on Tuesday, November 29, at the Christos Lambrakis Hall, Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall. It was the largest ceremony in the history of Alba, with 358 graduates from fourteen programs, and an attendance of around 1,800 people!


The event’s opening remarks were given by Nikolaos Ebeoglou, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alba, who welcomed the graduates and the guests, highlighting the incredible contrast between this ceremony, and the first ever Alba Graduation Ceremony which saw 25 people graduating. Dr. David G. Horner, President of The American College of Greece, expressed how pleased he is with how well Deree and Alba have both flourished, even though the external circumstances have been difficult.

The ceremony’s keynote speaker was Filippa Michali, CEO of Allianz and Alba 2004 alumna. Mrs. Michali gave an inspiring speech, stating, “When challenges come up, it is up to you to choose if you fight them and try to make them disappear, or if you face them. And when you face them, it is your choice to either push your own comfort zone, or get dragged out of it. Remember: You can only grow outside of your comfort zone. Even when you fail.”


The new graduates were also welcome to their alumni family by Mrs. Peppa, a member of the Alba Alumni Association. The ceremony concluded with the empowering speech of Dean Konstantinos Axarloglou, in which he urged the graduates to follow their dreams and set their goals over the horizon. A cocktail reception followed at the foyer of the Christos Lambrakis Hall, honoring the graduates and their guests.

We wish each and every one of the 358 Alba graduates the best in their next steps; Congratulations!!

Enjoy the photo and video coverage of the speeches given at 2016 Graduation Ceremony.