2nd Internet Security Day by Deree Academic Societies

For a second consecutive year, the Deree academic societies of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technology (IT) jointly organized a day-long event that focused on the ever-current issue of Internet Security.

The event took place on November 16 at the John S. Bailey Library, drawing a crowd of over 130 Deree students and faculty, and attracting speakers from both the information and communications technology industry, as well as from the Greek public sector. The event also featured speeches by a Deree MIS student and a Deree CIS alumnus who delivered his presentation live via video conferencing from Scotland, UK!

Speakers included: Nikos Vasilakos, Deree MIS student; Vasilios Georgopoulos, Ethical Hacker at E-Forensics Greece; Vassilios Manoussos (D ’95), Computer Forensics Expert at Strathclyde Forensics; Spyros Kollias, Security Engineer at Byte S.A.; and Panayotis Pavlidis, Communication Systems Engineer at the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence. The speakers addressed current internet security issues such as Guerrilla Cyber Warfare, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensic Investigations, Asymmetric Cryptography, and Security Defense.

Following an insightful panel discussion between the speakers, students engaged in a Q&A session, expressing their concerns about how can we improve security, how accountable governments are when citizens’ private data is compromised, and what the role of higher education is in developing professionals in the field of information security.