“The Curse of the Ancient Greeks” by Faris Nejad

Deree ‘84 graduate Faris Nejad’s (Fardis Nouraninejad) contemporary novel follows the life of a Greek newspaper columnist as he struggles to navigate the rough waters of the socio-economic crisis in his country. As the main character tries to determine the root cause of the crisis, he finds himself reexamining his life and his relationships, resulting in a soul-searching journey.

Set in the stunning region of Mt. Pelion, “The Curse of the Ancient Greeks” is inspired by real stories and current events, infused by the author’s academic background in political and social sciences, and his professional experience in human rights organizations and writing for Greek and international media.

Nejad’s novel has so far been published in Greek, English, and Braille code. It is scheduled to be translated into German and French, and there are plans to adapt it into a screenplay! Setting the tone, Nejad has left a touching note for the reader in the first pages: “I dedicate this work to Greek youth who all deserve much more than what we have left for them.”



“In his first book, author Nejad paints a discomfiting picture of a nation in crisis, not only wrestling with financial catastrophe, but with the sustainment of its collective soul. Greece is not merely broke, but broken, and the historical womb of democracy has degenerated into bureaucratic chaos, opportunism, and despair… A sharp, witty, and often moving account of an ancient nation on life support.”


“…An entertaining and awakening holiday read about Greece and her people. The realistic fiction based on true stories in today’s Greece…offers a compelling, often very funny insight into contemporary Greek culture.”

– Editing panel, Authorhouse UK

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