Pierce: First Steps as Leaders of Tomorrow

Pierce teaches its students everything they need to know so that they can excel in their chosen field, but it also goes one step further: it cultivates the personality of each student, helping them reach their full potential; it instils in them the ACG legacy of philanthropy; and it fosters the growth of lifelong skills and values such as team spirit and critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Youthelp, First Place in Startuppers Awards 2016

Youthelp is a non-profit business created by Pierce students in 2014-15 to help the Greek youth, in the context of the global educational “company program” of NGO Junior Achievement (SEN). It is the first social crowdfunding platform in Greece, and it is also the first student business in the history of Junior Achievement Greece to win first place in the Startuppers Awards Competition, in the category of Best Social Responsibility!

In the past year, with its innovative concept and efficient business structure, Youthelp also won the marketing award at the Pan-Hellenic Competition for Best Business Simulation 2015, and the silver award at the 9th Student Commercial Enterprise Trade Fair. Our students proved that grand and innovative ideas can stand the test of time, and they showed the world the potential that Greek youth holds.

Third Place In Young Business Talents Competition

Young Business Talents (YBT) is a national competition for Lyceum students that offers them the opportunity to take part in a business simulation contest. YBT is an exciting workshop through which students can experience how a company operates in an online environment, practice effective management of the company, and develop their skills, while gaining further insight into the application of such knowledge in the “real world.”

This year’s innovative YBT Competition 2015-16 was held on the ACG campus, with 75 student-company teams from various schools in Greece taking place and presenting their business plans and hard work. First place went to the “Spithes” team from the 2nd General Lyceum of Giannitsa and second place went to the “North” team from the 1st General Lyceum of Giannitsa. The third place, we are proud to announce, went to our Pierce student team “Businessology!”

The competition received significant coverage on Greek TV channels such as ANT1 and Star Channel. To find our more about the Young Business Talents competition, please click here.

Distinctions at the Harvard Model Congress Europe

This year’s Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) took place in Rome, the historic city and capital of Italy. With the generous support of AB Vassilopoulos, 24 Pierce students traveled to Rome to represent their school, returning home with 6 distinctions!

The “Best Delegate” distinction was awarded to to Melina Gkiolma for her work at the United Nations Conference on International Organizations (UNCIO), and to Youly Tiligada for her work in the Media category, who said, “As member of the media I didn’t have a fixed topic so I had the pleasure of visiting various committees, and observing how all the delegates preform when in session.” Furthermore, four of our students received Honorable Mention for their effort in various sectors of the HMCE 2016:

Marilida Tsiplakou in House; Science, Space and Technology, Ifigeneia Stathaki and Marina Kokkinou in Supreme Court, and Foivos Mavridis in the sector of European Union.

Every distinction, award, and participation, makes us even prouder of our students, as it is through them that the values cultivated at Pierce come to life. Our commitment to provide our students with a nurturing and stimulating environment deepens as we see them develop into self-aware, sensitive, and responsible global citizens.