Dr Leonidas Cheliotis (DEREE ’03), Assistant Professor of Criminology at the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has been selected for yet another award: the 2015 Outstanding Critical Criminal Justice Scholar Award by the American Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Critical Criminal Justice Section). Dr Cheliotis won the award “for distinguished accomplishments in critical criminal justice scholarship across the most recent two-year period.”

The DEREE alumnus’ most recent research has helped advance criminological knowledge about the relationship between neoliberal capitalism and state and public punitiveness. This research has also drawn attention to issues such as the origins of middle-class punitiveness, levels and patterns of punishment in post-authoritarian societies, and the politics of crime, conventional imprisonment and immigration detention amidst conditions of economic downturn.

Jurisdictionally, the focus of Dr Cheliotis’ work is on the Anglo-American world and the Mediterranean region, from both national and international comparative angles. His research has been published in an array of top international outlets, and has been translated into various languages. The award was presented on March 6 in Orlando, Florida, at a ceremony during the annual conference of the American Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

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