When PIERCE’s award winning 2014 Junior Achievement Team went to Oslo, Norway in mid March to take part in the Grunder Expo 2015, with their student company e-GEIOKRATIS, they came back with an honorary distinction.

The team, which won first innovation prize and second prize in the final rankings at the Panhellenic level of Junior Achievement last year, is made up of Dimitra Vergou, Iro Pala, Elena Papitsi and Zakinos Tarampoulous (all junior students B Lyceum), and set up its own booth in Oslo, presenting its innovative proposal e-GEIOKRATIS, in an exhibition space alongside 330 Norwegian companies set up by high school students in the area.

e-GEIOKRATIS centers around a Medical Electronic Record, EMR, which can be stored in a USB stick and used in emergencies and as needed.

For more information on e-GEIOKRATIS, go to www.e-geiokratis.gr

To learn more about Junior Achievement Greece, go to http://www.senja.gr