Congratulations to PIERCE students for winning 8 awards at the prestigious Harvard Model Congress Europe, which this year took place in Madrid from 14-16 March.

Georgos Anagnostopoulos (senior) and Vasilis Benopoulos (junior) won two Excellent awards for their participation and performance in the “European Union.”

Additionally, six juniors won Honorable Mentions: Demetra Vergou (representative of India) and Helen Mouzaki (representative of Haiti) for their role in the “World Health Organization” (WHO), Daphne Melitsi and Marianna Konstantinidi for their participation in the “Supreme Court,” Nikolas Savakis also won as Minister of Finance in the “US Cabinet,” while Angelos Manolias, who took part as a Senator in the “Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate” also won an Honorable Mention in the exciting international simulation competition.

The Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) is a simulation of the American Government and of international bodies in all areas of activities. Prior to the conference, with the help of PIERCE teachers and alumni, PIERCE students studied hard, conducting research and looking up a host of topical issues relating to the Law, International Relations, the Economy, the Environment, Health, Human Rights, Media, and more. A big “Thank You” to AB Vasilopoulos, which helped realize the students’ dreams once more this year.

AB Vassilopoulos, part of the Belgian Delhaize Group and the second largest supermarket chain in Greece, generously supported the PIERCE students participating in the Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) Conference- as an act of conscious corporate citizenship, helping the students challenge themselves and sharpen their skills.

Then, with the added guidance of students from Harvard University, the PIERCE students took their knowledge to the Harvard Model Congress Europe’s committees: such as the US Senate and the Supreme Court, and to international committees – such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the European Union, and others – where they won their outstanding awards and formed new friendships.

Through the whole unforgettable, challenging and exciting experience, PIERCE Students were able to come together with their peers from other countries, discuss, negotiate, draft bills and reach decisions, always in search of the best solution. They learned to form opinions based on facts, to express them and support them.  Well done!

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