The Class of PIERCE 1973 is marking its 40-year anniversary these holidays by organizing a campaign to raise scholarship funds not just through its class gift, but also through a call to action for all PIERCE alumni to give to students in need.

“Many of us have benefited first hand from the education and financial aid this institution provided us and we aspire to create a tradition of generational giving that will take place annually,” says Kathy Parthimou-Paraschi  (PIERCE ’73).

To this end, the PIERCE ’73 class is organizing the PIERCE Fundraising Coffee at the Acropolis Museum on December 4 between 3pm and 5pm. Attendees can also get a tour of the exhibition Archaic Colors at 2pm before taking their coffee at the Museum’s cafeteria. Participation costs €25 (€20 for scholarships and €5 for catering) – while the Museum will graciously not charge for use of the Acropolis Museum’s cafeteria.

RSVP at [email protected] or call

Fanny Dimou at t. 697 200 4778,

Stella Synouri at t. 697 746 8463

Gifts of Note

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