Deree-ACG Peers

Tryfonas Alexakis Asproulis

Alexakis-Asproulis Tryfonas

Greetings! I am Tryfonas, I am currently a sophomore and I am doing a major in Communication. One of my biggest enjoyments is to interact with other people. I view each one as small unique mystery. I believe getting to know someone or at least discussing with them yields a lot of advantages and helps you expand your worldview. Especially when it can never be boring as each persons’ uniqueness guarantees something interesting every time! I am sure that you have guess by now on what criteria I chose my major and that I want to work in the Public Relations field. I am really excited for Heritage Greece 2017 as it is my first time participating and I have heard that is an astonishing experience. I look forward to meeting you all!

Alexopoulos Kostis

Alexopoulos Kostis_opt.png

Hello Everyone , my name is Kostis I love dinosaurs, Star Wars and composing music! I’m a Greek/American and I grew up in Greece with half of my family, the other half being in New Haven , Connecticut. I don’t remember much of my early childhood but my mom said I was a very loud, curious and energetic child. I loved running, even if I wasn’t looking in front of me and kept bumping  into trees at my local park. Fortunately my curiosity and energy only increased as I grew older as I experimented and still am experimenting with many different hobbies and sports (I never really put too much energy into my schoolwork, oops). However through the years there are three things I have continuously been obsessed with : Watersports, Music and the Dark Side of the Force! I enjoy swimming, sailing and water polo and took part in many competitions. I began piano lessons at three, taught myself guitar and currently have been producing electronic music for three years. Currently I am studying IT at Deree College, computers being yet another subject cornered by my curiosity. I study hard and devote my free time to composing music and spending time with close friends. As my short and rather pitiful autobiography draws to an end I have one final belief I would like to share. I have grown to believe that success is determined by three factors : self-motivation , the support of loved ones and catching Pokémon!

Leyla Apostolopoulou

Apostolopoulou Leyla_opt

My name is Leyla Eleutheria Apostolopoulou. I was originally born in the US but I was raised in Athens, Greece. My mother tongue is Greek, however since my mom is Turkish I can also speak very well Turkish and English. Although I may not be 100 percent Greek, I feel more Greek than any other nationality and I am very proud to have learned its history and culture, and be able to acknowledge it as mine. I hope I can also transmit this incredible feeling to other fellow students who may want to discover their Greek heritage. It is truly beautiful!

Ilia Gounari


My name is Ilia Gounari and I recently celebrated my 22nd birthday. This is my second year in Deree studying Communication, and the first time I’m participating in a program with international students. I was born in Athens, and I’ve lived the majority of my life in Greece, except for two years of my childhood that I spent in the United States. I’m fluent in English and I have good understanding of French. As a person who loves travelling, I was very eager to participate in the ACG Heritage Greece program because it would give me the opportunity to do something I love, and that’s meeting new people from interesting places. Additionally, I also enjoy baking, cooking, reading about things that fascinate me and exploring Athens. See you all there!

Nick Gounaris

Gounaris Nick_opt-1

My name is Nick Gounaris and I am a third year Communications student at Deree-The American College of Greece. When I have free time, I love volunteering or spending it with my friends. I decided to become part of the program because from the experience that I gained in a multicultural environment, I saw how incredible it is to blend people from different cultures. I am looking forward to meet you all and give you an inside on the Greek lifestyle.

Ksenija Kukic

Ksenija Kukic_opt

My name is Ksenija and this is my second year as an ACG Peer. I am an outdoor person, I love mountain biking, I spend a lot of time on the beach, walking my dog, discovering new nooks and crannies of Athens I’ve never seen before. I also read a lot, and play football during the semester. I am a Communications major, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

Markou Alexia

Markou Alexia

I’m Alexia, 24 years old; I was born and raised in Athens. Currently, I’m Communication undergraduate student with a minor in Psychology and a senior student of the Technological Institute of Crete at the Social Working Department. As for my family, I have my parents, one younger brother that he’s graduating from high school and my dog Hector. I’ m interested in many things such as music, reading novels, watching movies. I love reading, and especially genres like thrillers, crime or science fiction stories. Also some of my favorite hobbies are the daily walk with my dog Hector and to hang out with my friends. As a person I love to challenge myself and to explore new cultures and people, which is the reason that I’m learning Korean at the moment. Another hobby that I have is to learn foreign languages, so except from Greek that I’m a native speaker, I also know English, Spanish, French and Korean.

Avgoustinos Michalopoulos-Stathopoulos

Michalopoulos-Stathopoulos Avgoustinos_opt

I am Avgoustinos Michalopoulos-Stathopoulos, born and raised in Volos and decided to attend Deree University to study Psychology, currently living in Athens. I am an athletic person, with interest both in lone and team sports (basketball, swimming, trekking) as well as martial arts, as I used to do Judo and Capoeira, which I loved.

Arts are also playing a very important role in my life, in the past I participated in musical/theatrical performances, but during the last year music became a bigger obsession and time-consumer, since I am playing the bass in a band and was in another one before moving to Athens. I have been playing the guitar for eight years.

Also, meeting people with different ideologies/cultures is something that excites me, as there are many things to learn from each other while having interesting conversations. I enjoy travelling and visiting new places where I can learn how people live their lives away from what I am used to, which is one of the reasons I wanted to participate in the Heritage Greece Program in order to show other people how we live and to learn about their habits, too.

Papageorgiou Efterpi

Papageorgiou Efterpi_opt

Hi! My name is Efterpi Papageorgiou and I am a Theater Studies major at the University of Athens and a Psychology minor at the American College of Greece. I was born and raised in the small town of Trikala but now live in Athens. Since very early on in my life I’ve been traveling around the world with my family and I’ve seen a very large part of it, so naturally, it has become a healthy addiction of mine. Along the way, I picked up hobbies such as scuba diving, skydiving, sailing, skiing, horseback riding and tasting food from around the world. I love exploring different and new cultures and meeting people, which is why I wanted to become an ACG peer. Culture and art are important components of Greek heritage and I hope to share them with you all! Finally, I hope our adventure together includes lots of fun activities and memories, which is why I am looking forward to meeting all participants very soon!

Veneti Konstantina

Veneti Konstantina_opt

I’m Konstantina Veneti (22 years old) and I’m a student of the American College of Deree following a degree in Communication which I see as a very interesting sector that offers a variety of knowledge and a wide choice of profession. I really enjoy travelling around and discussing, exchanging views and ideals with other people. I am very happy and proud that I am part of the Heritage Greece Program 2017, because I believe it is a unique experience of life that every student must live and it will make us more responsible for the future. I’m looking forward for us to learn things together, laugh, discuss and have fun while exploring Greece and its mentality! My goal is to make everyone feel like part of a family for those two weeks that the program will be running. That way we will all have the chance to create strong bonds and long lusting memories able to paint a smile on our faces whenever we think about them. There is no better time for us than now to open up our mental horizons and form a more holistic view of life. Each unique experience brings to us closer to the knowledge. Let’s our experience begin!

Evi Tsapara

Tsapara Paraskevi_opt

Hello! My name is Evi and I am a psychology major. I love reading and music, so I might be carrying a guitar and a book with me everywhere I go during the program. I also have a slight obsession with dogs, so if you ever lose me I’ll probably be petting a dog somewhere. One of the reasons I am very excited to be involved in the Heritage Greece program this year is that I truly enjoy meeting new people and travelling, so I am very happy to get to know everyone and explore my country in the process.

Romaios Jonathan

Romaios Jonathan

My name is Jonathan , and this is my first year as a Deree student , everything is   going better than expected , since what Derre provides can hardly be compared with anything Greece provides in the   educational level. I grew up in Athens , Koropi , I like sports   and all kind of activities. I hope that   I will give and I will   take things from acg Heritage Program

Christina Petropoulou

Petropoulou Christina_opt

My name is Christina Petropoulou, and I am a psychology major on my second year. I really enjoy outdoor activities as well as visiting museums or art galleries. In my everyday life, when I am not studying or reading a book I like to exercise. I am also enjoying meeting new people that I can engage and share all the aforementioned activities with them. Furthermore, in my leisure time I like to travel as much as I can, as I believe that this is the best way to learn new things and gain new experiences.

Dimitrios Ektor Voutsas


Being half Greek, half British means I take a little bit from everywhere. Although born in the UK, I’ve spent the majority of my 25 years in Athens, a city I thoroughly love, but one which I never felt particularly as though I am from. So it brings me great joy when I travel and discover my roots, and an even greater joy when I help someone discover theirs. Deeply in love with photography and Greece, I can’t wait to snap beautiful pictures of our soon to be friends.

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