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Greece being situated where it is, has always been heavily influenced by both East and West. A testament to that, even to this day, are its local markets. Bustling with people, full of energy, vibrant colors and loud, passionate storekeepers, they remain an integral part of Greek society, a place where fresh products of excellent quality can be found, but to another degree, a place of social gathering, as neighbors and old friends meet by chance and exchange their news. For the participants, this was a unique experience, one which allowed them to really get a feel of Greek every-day life. Katie Kuzin was especially touched by this, because “[…] When I was younger my neighborhood used to have large, loud block parties, and walking through the laiki reminded me of getting lost at different block parties in Queens, NYC.” For many it was an emotional day, either because they experienced it for the first time, or for the first time in years and years.

As the day progressed, an important evening dinner neared. The reception at the President’s house by Mr. Horner himself! Excitement in the air, the feel was “dress to impress”. A gratuitous environment, one of welcome, was what our guests found, where Mr. Horner welcomed them with kind words. It was a joyous occasion, one which everyone attended, from participants all the way up the ladder of people that made this program possible. The participants were excited about the reception. Alexa Simos thought “it was incredible to converse with adults involved in the program and to get their insights in such a beautiful setting with such generous hosts”, while Elizabeth Tzagournis cheerfully said: “I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the people who made this program possible for all of us. I enjoyed both the food and company!”
So, we drank some wine, posed for some pictures, shared funny stories and parted ways on a cheerful note just in time to see a beautiful Athenian summer sunset.


So much to see, so much to choose!


With this year’s participants, alumni of the program and staff, it really is a big family!

Blog editor and photographer: James (Dimitris) Voutsas

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