A trek by the beach

With everyone settled in and fresh from the weekend extravaganza, it was time to start learning some Greek! After classes and with brand new Greek words fresh in their minds, we set off to one of the most important locations in Attica, Marathon.

Location to one of the most, if not the most, influential battles of Ancient Greece, it is a place that has inspired for thousands of years, a place where legends were born and history was written. We were taken on a trail of discovery along the wonderful beach of Schinias. Planned and organized by ELLET, Elliniki Etairia, the Society for the Environment & Cultural Heritage, we ventured along paths dating back thousands of years which connected the local villages, giving us the chance to experience an “insider’s” view of the Greek landscapes. They explained to us the conservation efforts they are undertaking, which fascinated us! Roxane Gardner most of all, whose field of study is so close! “As an environmental biology major, it was a perfect way to see my two passions, the environment and Greece. It was fascinating to learn about the extensive conservation programs that exist to preserve the amazing natural beauty of this country!”

To top it all off, these trails led us to Moraitis Beach, where we bathed and ate amazing food with the beautiful sea and sunset as a backdrop! Stepanie Plakas was especially taken aback: “The beaches of Greece are like no other. The view is breathtaking and I was stunned when I saw it. I can’t compare it to any in the States and I know it’s the highlight of my Greece experience.”

Boy is she in for a treat later on!

No better way to appreciate nature than to see it for yourself.

No better way to appreciate nature than to see it for yourself.


The first ‘mpanio’ or swim in the sea, is an important event of any Greek.

Blog editor and photographer: James (Dimitris) Voutsas

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