Solutions & Answers

I can't login into Blackboard Learn.

Make sure that :

  • You use the English language.
  • Check again whether you type the correct username and password.
  • Caps Lock is not on.
  • Reset your password by clicking the Forgot your Password? link on the Bb Learn log-in page.
  • If you’re still unable to login, contact the Computer Labs (Center For The Arts Lab or Communication Building Rooms 1110-1111) or send an email to [email protected]

Facing Web Browser issues.

Make sure you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome latest versions for the best display of your courses content. Internet Explorer and Safari do not always demonstrate courses’ layout correctly.
  • Check what web browser your are using by clicking here.
  • Check your web browser’s compatibility here.

If you face issues with the web browser do the following:

I cannot see my course. What should I do?

Students are enrolled in the Bb courses after the end of Online Late Registration of each semester/term/session. Thus, they will not be able to view their courses at the earliest, until this day. Moreover, each instructor is responsible to make their Bb course visible to students when they have uploaded the material needed.

If you cannot see the course you are attending, notify your Professor so as to ensure they’re using Bb, the course is Available for the students to see and to confirm that you are indeed enrolled in the Bb course.

Why do I see Bb courses from previous semesters/terms/sessions?

Courses become unavailable for students to see two weeks after the end of the Re-sit examinations (view the Calendars for details about the dates of Re-sit Exams). Until then, all Bb courses are visible to students. In case you do not wish to view past courses you can enable Terms so as to group and collapse them by hitting the gear icon at the top right part of the My Courses module. Moreover you are able to un-check the respective textbox of the course(s) you do not wish to see or click the Select All/Unselect All option under the Edit Course List section.

Access Blackboard from a mobile device.

The new mobile application of Blackboard for instructors and students is not available for ACG users.

You are  able to use though ACG’s Bb Learn via any mobile device by typing on the web browser.


I need assistance. Who do I contact?

Visit the Computer Labs

For Support:

Create a Service Request on the IRM HelpDesk. Use your Blackboard Learn credentials to login.


  • Send an e-mail to Blackboard Helpdesk for Blackboard Learn support: [email protected]

I can't find an assignment, test, blog or other content in my Bb course.

Your instructor controls the availability of any tests, assignments and other content. So if you can’t view them, it means that the instructor made the content unavailable to students or put some viewing restrictions on it. Ask your instructor about it.

Additionally, you can check the Tools link from your course’s menu and hit the tool you wish to visit and view its contents i.e. Blogs.

I was in the middle of taking a test or writing a post when I lost everything.

Unfortunately, the information is lost permanently. You need to re-enter the information and continue. If the problem persists, contact your instructor.

Some common problems that cause this may be:

  • Browser was refreshed.
  • Connection was dropped.
  • Time out due to inactivity. If you leave the test page open without working on it for a period of time, the web browser will log you out of Blackboard and so you will lose any work.

To avoid these problems please follow the following tips:

  • Don’t close the web browser window.
  • Don’t refresh the browser.
  • Don’t hit the back button of the web browser or you will receive a page expired message.
  • Save frequently your work to avoid lose of content due to inactivity log outs.
  • Type any text on an external application i.e. MS Word and paste it using your keyboard (Ctrl+V) in Blackboard Learn.

Where do I receive the emails sent via Blackboard Learn ?

Blackboard doesn’t keep records of emails sent/received. To see any emails you will have to log-in to your ACG email user account and check your inbox.

Where can I find more information about Blackboard ?

Information about Blackboard can be found using any of the following links:

I have questions about Turnitin.

For help with Turnitin assignments, click here or visit the computer labs.


For more help with Turnitin, see the Turnitin Help Center.

I cannot upload a file on Blackboard. What is wrong?

If you are not able to upload a file on Blackboard, make sure the file’s size is not big. Individual file upload can be up to 100MB. If again you face the same problems, then check out the name of your file. File names should not be long nor have spaces or special characters. Try to use an underscore (_) instead of spaces. Moreover, include an extension to your file (

Do NOT use the following special characters:

Semi-colon (;)

Colon (:)

Dollar sign ($)

Ampersand (&)

Pound sign / hash sign (#)

Front slash or back slash (/ or \)

I uploaded a Turnitin assignment and I cannot see it as Submitted in the section My Grades in Blackboard.

This is a known issue for Blackboard described as “When students take assessments and evaluations are completed, the students see the Self and Peer assessments as UPCOMING in My Grades after Evaluation date passes.” and the target release to fix it is future reference.
There is no patch available. Please ignore this issue.
The Math Editor doesn't work.

The WIRIS Math Editor currently is not functional. When clicked, it opens a window that does not load.  This is a known issue for Blackboard Learn and it will be fixed in a later update.

The photo I add in Bb using the content editor - VTBE is too big.

The best display of a photo added in Bb Learn is 500 x 500 pixels. Set the dimensions of the photo via the Appearance tab of the Insert/Edit Image window or use a photo editor:

Where can I get support about e-books?

The American College of Greece IRM Department does not host the Bookshelf utility and as a result support provided by us is very limited. Although ACG IRM Staff is willing to provide extra help concerning the Bookshelf by Vital Source system, in case you need assistance and more How-to Guides:

  • Visit the ACG’s VS Support page.
  • Visit VS Support.
  • Click the Bookshelf Help and Support through your Blackboard Learn course and the Bookshelf by Vital Source page.

My e-books/files/links don't open.

For some Blackboard Learn links to work there may be a need to enable pop-up windows in your web browser. Below you can find the steps for enabling pop-up windows for the main web browsers:


Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the web browser
  • Click the Tools menu item
  • Click on the Content tab
  • Un-check the Block pop-up windows check box
  • Click OK









Google Chrome

  • Open the web browser
  • Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button next to the address bar
  • Click on the Settings button
  • Click Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page and scroll down to the Privacy section
  • Click the Content settings button
  • In the Content settings window that comes up scroll down to the Pop-ups section
  • Click the Allow all sites to pop-ups radio button
  • Click Done













Internet Explorer

  • Open the web browser
  • Click the Tools menu item
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • Un-check the Turn on Block Pop-up Blocker check box
  • Click OK











Safari by Apple

  • Open the web browser
  • Click the Display a menu of general Safari settings gear button
  • Un-check the Block Pop-Up Windows option

How can I reactivate my e-textbook?

If you are registered in a course that uses an e-textbook, please be informed that after the 50% Withdrawal period the initial access to your course’s e-book has expired. In order to receive the full license for access to your course’s e-textbook, you need to visit your Blackboard Learn course and the e-textbook menu item and click to open and reactive your e-textbook .

What are the DC/GS Student Services, DC Athletics & Student Life, ACG Health & Wellness Center and Sustainability Week containers?

DC Student Services – This container holds announcements, information, events, deadlines and forms from the ACGs’ offices (SSC, Academic Advising, Registration, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Career Services, SAS, Study Abroad, Information Resources Management Department (IRM))

GS Student Services – This container holds announcements, information, Graduate Courses Syllabi, Graduate Certificates and Graduate Degree Brochures from the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School and Professional Studies and SSC

DC Athletics and Student Life – In this container you can see information and announcements about Athletics, Outdoor Recreation ,Fitness Center, Clubs and Organizations e.t.c.

ACG Health & Wellness Center – A container for the Health & Wellness Center which offers Health Services, Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Services.

Sustainability Week – In this container you can see information, content and various announcements concerning the Sustainability Week.

Cannot access an assignment from the Assignment Creator.

In order to be able to access an Assignment from the Assignment Creator when you have the link, you will need to have also access to the book that the Assignment was created. Otherwise,  a window will pop up saying that you do not have access to this book.QANotesFromOtherBook border

I printed from a book from Bookshelf by Vitalsource and the text is really small

For unknown reasons when someone tries to print from Bookshelf by Vitalsource the text tends to be very small when printed. We suggest that you try and print from the Google Chrome browser and when you enter to the print settings, just press More Options and change the scale to 125.

print borderprint2 border

I cannot print the annotated document

ViewBox offers you the ability to see the annotated document only online. If you want to print it, you can only print the original document.

I cannot see the preview of my assignment in ViewBox

ViewBox supports over 100 different file types. To check which file types are being supported by ViewBox just press here.

I have 5 decimals next to my grade.Why?

It is normal. Blackboard designed the new grading to have 5 decimals next to it even if they are no needed.