The Award

Like three years ago, ACG-The American College of Greece commissioned its alumna, distinguished sculptress Athena Politopoulou-Kargsten to design and produce the Award, through which the ACG will honor distinguished alumni for their achievements during the Alumni Achievement Awards 2014 event. Ms. Politopoulou-Kargsten based the award’s design on her Dionysos marble sculpture entitled “Anatasis” (Exaltation) of 1987. This marble sculpture that the artist has kindly donated to ACG is permanently exhibited in the JSB Library and is part of the Triforms sculpture series.


One of the most noteworthy artists of her generation, Athena Politopoulou-Kargsten has succeeded in creating sculptures that are timeless in style, stature and expression. As art historian Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan has written about Athena’s work, it is “characterized by an organic interpretation and orchestration of abstraction, as we see in them a few, albeit intangible, natural elements. Striking a charismatic balance between abstraction and semi-representationalism that is reminiscent of the material world, Athena Kargsten’s sculptures display an utterly individual and also dynamic style”. The sculptures are characterized by an idiosyncratic mobility, a continuous juxtaposition of rhythms, musical in their essence, that resonate from within each sculpture, extending it into its surrounding space.


According to Greek-American poet and translator of Greek poetry Kimon Friar, the Plexiglas triforms have one particular advantage because the three shapes can be seen as one against the other in a three-dimensional transparency that lightens the relationship between them yet frees their individual shapes in their transparency. In the eternal triad she has found forms to express a view that is simple and subtle, precise and complex. Her creations are the expression of a vision of life and form which is mental, musical, and yet sensuous.

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ACG Alumni Achievement award