Message from the Provost


Rapid globalization, the digitization of information technologies and the creation of the single currency unit within the European Union have changed the world as we knew it. The era of preparing for one job that would last a lifetime is over. Today, young people can expect to have several jobs throughout their career and must be educated for jobs that possibly do not currently exist.

At Deree – The American College of Greece, our goal is to help students find their passion and be ready for this ever-changing global environment. We offer students a transformational experience so they can grow as global citizens and lead fulfilling lives.

We do this through academic experiences, which involve excellent faculty and up to date academic programs, but we also do it through extra curricular experiences. Students find a community of peers at Deree, which helps them network and mature. Deree students have the opportunity to interact with students from 55 other nations in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Through academic, athletic and artistic clubs and activities, along with opportunities for internships and study abroad experiences, students have an opportunity to gain a holistic higher education experience. What we ask in return is for students to be active and attentive.

This is what a Deree education can do. It provides the qualities of an American style higher education, along with the British (Open University) degree that opens the doors to careers in Greece and throughout the world.

It is truly an education for a lifetime.

Thimios Zaharopoulos, PhD
Deree – The American College of Greece