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Scholarships (show)

Endowed Scholarships: a permanent legacy

Your donation will be held in a separate account and invested with other ACG endowed funds that are professionally managed in the United States and are overseen by the Board of Trustees. Once activated, it will be allocated to student aid. Because the principal is preserved, your fund will endure and benefit generations of students. You may permanently name the fund in any way that is meaningful to you.

Expendable Scholarships: immediate support for students

An expendable scholarship is designed to provide immediate awards to students.

Existing Funds: add to the legacy

Gifts in the minimum amount of $1,500 may be added to existing endowed scholarship funds, including the Deree Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Pierce Endowed Scholarship Fund. Gifts of any size may be added to the Pierce and Deree Expendable (current use) Scholarship Funds.

To Find out more about Scholarships click here.

Unrestricted Support – Annual Fund (show)

Unrestricted gifts are deeply appreciated as they enable ACG to direct your support to the most urgent needs of the College.  If you choose you may direct your support within ACG to Pierce, Deree or ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece. Gifts to the Funds are used for student financial aid, faculty and staff development, library acquisitions, co-curricular activities, technology, campus enhancement and other operating needs as designated by the President on an annual basis. – Click here to make a gift.

International Internship/ Study Abroad support (show)

The International Internship/Study Abroad Program was launched in 2011 and offered highly qualified Deree students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at a college or university in the US or the UK, in conjunction with a 5-month internship experience at a partner company in locations throughout the world. As a Donor you may choose to support the International Internship program, the Study Abroad Program or a combination of both.

Support Faculty Scholarship and Research (show)

Supporting faculty is essential in ensuring that the College attracts, rewards and retains the outstanding faculty who are responsible for educating our students.

Support Capital Projects (show)

Contribute to On Campus Projects helping us maintain a state-of-the-art educational setting where Greek and international students can experience an American modeled education in an invigorating and safe environment. Capital projects can include renovation, building or enhancement of classrooms, auditoriums, science labs, athletic courts, residence halls, equipment supplies, naming opportunities and more.

To find out more, please contact the Advancement Office.