Senior Class Giving

The Senior Class Giving Campaign is a way for each graduating class to keep its legacy alive, and for students to pay tribute to their college years, passing on the culture of giving to the next generation of students.

Be it an act of helping fellow students, supporting a new scholarship, or a renovation project, the Senior Class Giving Campaign is a wonderful way to “pay it forward”. It creates a giving culture of philanthropy among Deree students, ambassadors of the College’s mission, enabling them to have a positive and lasting impact on society.

Every year, the Senior Class Giving Campaign is organized by the graduating students who decide upon a cause and work relentlessly and selflessly to gather funds through awareness events, creative activities, and mini-campaigns.

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Senior Class Giving Campaign 2017

As graduating students, just before we set off to carve our own paths, we took a moment to think about the countless moments of laughter and fun we’ve had with friends in the Main Corridor, the times we listened to an inspiring instructor on Monday mornings, and the long hours we spent studying in a warm, cozy spot somewhere in the library… For all these precious memories and more, we strongly feel the need to give back to the ACG community in a meaningful way that will give form to the legacy of the graduating class of 2017!

Our Mission

The Senior Class Giving Campaign (SCG) is a student-initiated action that puts special emphasis on cultivating the idea and value of providing annual philanthropic support to the College, especially among senior students. At the same time, we want to inspire senior students to instigate an annual tradition of offering a gift that is symbolic as much as it is meaningful; a true manifestation of their support toward what they will cherish most about their days at Deree – The American College of Greece.

The Project

This year, our wholehearted support is geared towards the revival of the lounge area in the Communication Building. The core idea lies on the need to accommodate current and future students, and make them feel comfortable on campus. The project is focused on transforming the lounge area into a beneficial space with the capacity to serve as a practical study area, available to all students throughout the day for studying and relaxing in between classes.

Our Campaign

The campaign kicked off in the beginning of March with a series of diverse and creative activities and events, set out to engage and encourage the ACG community to contribute toward the Senior Class Giving 2017 campaign . The project is as complex as as it is exciting, and therefore it requires both your enthusiasm and support to become a reality.

As you know, it takes a “village” to build a legacy!


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