Yiannis Petropoulos

Management Information Systems (MIS)

MSc in Systems Analysis, University of Aston in Birmingham; BSc in Business Administration, Deree – The American College of Greece; HD Certificate – Computer Programming, Greek Productivity Centre (EL.KE.PA)

Yiannis Petropoulos has been a member of the Deree faculty since 1999, and has taught across the curriculum. He currently teaches Introduction to Computer Information Systems, and Business Information Systems in the CIS Department. He has also served and taught in the Continuous Education Program of Deree for more than two years. His professional experience includes work as a manager in the Health Care Sector, Pharmaceutical sector, in the UK, Sweden and Greece, developing and working on various computerized applications. He has taught classes and seminars on Information systems on various business firms, education centers, and the Hellenic Post Office. His research interests include MIS, DSS, Systems & Cybernetics, Health Informatics, Clinical DSS, and Electronic Health Record with a current research focus on the area of Health Informatics and Dentistry.