Maria-Teresa Gastardo-Fountis

Science and Mathematics

BS in Statistics, University of the Philippines at Los Banos; Master of Statistics, North Carolina State University at Raleigh; PhD in Applied Statistics concentration, Memphis State University, 1984

Dr. Gastardo’s teaching career at Deree dates back to 1985 when she started teaching general education mathematics and statistics for psychology, sociology, economics and business majors. In 2005 when Deree launched the MS in Applied Psychology, Dr Gastardo was designated to develop the graduate statistics module which she taught until 2010. Her prior experience in academia include stints as a graduate teaching assistant at Memphis State University, instructor of undergraduate statistics and college statistician at Visayas State College of Agriculture in the Philippines. As an applied statistician, her professional experience includes working for Becton-Dickinson research center at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, and performing statistical analyses for research projects in psychology and in agronomy, including the Benchmark Soils project of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Gastardo’s research interests lie in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her current engagement includes assessment of the impact of computer technologies, student feedback and non-cognitive factors on the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics and statistics. She has recent active participation in international scientific conferences on education and technology, where she has contributed peer-reviewed articles, served as session chair and reviewed submitted abstracts as member of the international scientific advisory board.