Konstantinos Lentzos

Konstantinos Lentzos

Information Technology (IT)

Ptychion in Mathematics, University of Athens; MSc in Pure Mathematics, University of Athens; MSc in Artificial Intelligence, University of Piraeus

Mr. Lentzos has been a member of the School of Graduate and Professional Education since January 2021. His teaching involves courses in Data Visualization and Data Science.

Mr. Lentzos has worked as a researcher at France’s National Research Institute in Informatics and Automation (INRIA) in Sophia-Antipolis, Zukunftskolleg Recearch Center in Germany as well as Technical University of Dortmund. He has also worked as Software Engineer, Consultant and Data Scientist in IT and has participated in numerous scientific conferences in the area of Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

His research interests lie in Explainable AI, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Human-Centered AI and Education.