Eleni Vousoura


MS in Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy, Program Coordinator

Ptychion, University of Athens; MA, Psychology in Education, Teachers College; MS/MPhil/PhD, Clinical Psychology, Columbia University

Eleni Vousoura has been a member of DEREE Psychology Faculty since 2015 teaching courses in abnormal psychology, testing and measurement, schools of psychotherapy, and theories of personality. She earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Columbia University and her doctoral dissertation investigated the impact of psychological distress among mothers in sub-Saharan Africa on child health. She has obtained a broad-based clinical training, ranging from community and college counseling settings to hospital outpatient clinics and inpatient medical and psychiatric facilities. Her scholarly interests lie in developing culturally-sensitive assessment tools and psychosocial interventions for common mental health disorders in at risk, underserved populations globally. She conducts research at the Women’s Mental Health Clinic at Eginition Hospital and the Global Mental Health Lab at Columbia University, specializing in women’s reproductive health issues, parent-child attachment, and child adjustment.