Dimitris Natsis

Science and Mathematics

BS in Mathematics, University of Crete; MS in Mathematics, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; PhD in Mathematics, University of Missouri-Rolla

Dr Natsis has been a member of the Deree Math area faculty since 1993, and has taught across the mathematics/statistics area curriculum. He currently teaches Finite Mathematics, Applied Calculus, Statistics for Business and Economics I and Statistics for Business and Economics II. He was the organizer of the Computer Lab for the student Mathematica – Statistica – SPSS computer projects (at the former Downtown Campus and Junior College) from 2002-2006. He served as Assistant Head of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences from September 2008-2011. He has served as the program coordinator of the mathematics area since September 2008. He has also served on a number of elected and appointed College committees.

Dr Natsis’ main professional/research interests are Classical and Numerical Analysis. In particular he studies the convergence of Fourier and Fourier – Stieltjes series in L1-norm and the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Numerous of his research papers have been published in scientific magazines. He has presented papers at various conferences, workshops and congresses internationally and has published his scientific work in numerous proceedings in Greece and abroad. He was actively involved as a scientific collaborator in the national research program “ARCHEMIDIS” of T.E.I. of Athens during the years 2004, 2005 and 2006.