Dimitrios Kasselimis


Ptychion, Biology, University of Patras; Ptychion, Psychology, University of Crete; PhD, Clinical Neuropsychology, Department of Psychology, University of Crete, in collaboration with 1st Neurology Department, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Dimitrios Kasselimis has been a member of the Deree faculty since 2015. He has a Biology Degree from the University of Patras, and a Psychology Degree from the University of Crete. His PhD thesis was focused on the neurological substrate and cognitive deficits in post-stroke aphasia (Department of Psychology, University of Crete). He has been awarded one doctoral and two post-doctoral scholarships, and has been involved in funded and unfunded projects related to cognitive functions of children and adults, adaptation and standardization of psychometric tools, and cognitive impairment in various neurological disorders, in collaboration with several researchers from domestic and foreign academic institutions. He serves as a research associate at the Neuropsychology and Language Disorders Unit of the 1st Neurological Department of Eginition Hospital, and a post-doctoral researcher at the Medical School of Athens. He is a reviewer in international scientific journals, and has co-authored several research papers, book chapters, and conference abstracts.