Alexandra Michota

Information Systems

BSc, Digital Systems, University of Piraeus; M.Sc., Network-Oriented Systems, University of Piraeus; PhD, Privacy in Online Social Networks, University of Piraeus; Post-doc research, Standardisation and Certification in the area of Cybercrime Investigation and Prevention, University of Piraeus

Dr. Alexandra Michota is an Officer in Network and Information Security at the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) working on the area of Support the Fight against Cybercrime – Collaboration across Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and other operational communities.

She has been a member of the Department of Computer Information Systems at Deree-ACG since 2018.  Her current teaching involves courses like Enterprise Social Networks. She is also a Police Studies faculty member at the Open University of Cyprus, teaching Law enforcement and Cybercrime.

Her research interests lie in the areas of information security and privacy. She has authored articles in peer reviewed journals and conferences and has participated in funded EU R&D projects in these areas.