Together for Sustainability

Together for Sustainability works to promote the vision of ACG to become a sustainable campus and a sustainable learning community. The organization offers the members of the ACG community the opportunity to engage in environmental activities that help promote sustainability, a vision that would enhance the community by integrating environmental, cultural, social, economic aspects.  In providing such opportunities, the organization seeks to uphold the College mission of empowering its members to develop as critical and creative thinkers and as socially and environmentally responsible individuals that appreciate the value of team work and solidarity in a complex interconnected world.

Together for Sustainability works closely with the Center of Excellence for Sustainability to plan, organize and implement sustainability initiatives on campus (e.g. organize events, lectures, write academic papers, participate in technical work for sustainability on campus, among others) and in the local community.

The goals of the organization Together for Sustainability activities include:

  • Supporting the integration of sustainability into the ACG community life, operations and educational praxis at DEREE and PIERCE
  • Promoting awareness around sustainability issues
  • Educating for a sustainable lifestyle through experiential learning
  • Preparing sustainability leaders through service to the ACG and the wider community around environmental issues
  • Engaging the members of the ACG community in team-work opportunities
  • Collaborating with the Environmental Studies Society and other ACG entities that share common interests
  • Creating an inclusive community of students that is appreciative of diversity
  • Engaging students in leadership opportunities
  • Cultivating and maintaining reciprocal partnerships within the greater community
  • Supporting the integration of service into student life at DEREE and PIERCE
  • Advocating the value of experiential education through service
  • Fostering an ethic of lifelong service

Any enrolled student of the College may apply to become a member of “Together for Sustainability” , provided he or she has completed at least 12 credits and is in good academic standing (not on probation).

All members of “Together for Sustainability” must be ACTIVE MEMBERS, and as such, must meet specific requirements including the following:

  • Participating in at least 2/3 of the regular meetings as called by the Director of the CES or the Steering Committee
  • Attending at least three sustainability events and activities, unless they coincide with their course schedule or exams
  • Participating in the organization of at least two sustainability events and activities every semester, and the annual Sustainability Week

To become a member, contact the Center of Excellence for Sustainability at x1219

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Michael T. Valahas, Director, Center of Excellence for Sustainability