Diageo Internship Program Description

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TheDiageo Internship Program is an international internship program designed exclusively for Deree undergraduate students, aiming at linking the student community with the business world. Upon qualification and successful selection for the program, two students from Deree – The American College of Greece will be assigned a work placement with Diageo in the finance business function in London UK and Dublin Ireland.

Students will be selected for the program based on academic achievement, demonstrated personal motivation and a keen interest in an international internship experience. The Office of Career Services will serve as the primary liaison for Deree students, providing support and guidance to help students prepare applications, acquire visas, arrangeDiageo internship interviews, advise on an international internship, and any other assistance as needed.

Benefits for Selected Students

Selected students will gain numerous and significant, lifelong career benefits from the Diageo Internship Program, including the opportunities to:

  • Broaden and explore academic and career experiences through participation in a study abroad and internship program and by interacting with professionals in the field while applying learned knowledge and competencies
  • Gain practical experience and life skills on-the-job, leading to a more rewarding college experience and better employment prospects after graduation
  • Create an international network of academic and professional contacts and mentors
  • Learn best business practices and bring that knowledge back to Greece

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