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2016 Commencement Statement

The purpose of this message is to confirm and to clarify the decision to relocate tonight’s Deree Commencement from the Stadium to the Deree Gym and to make you aware of special provisions that are being implemented based on recent communication with the Deree Student Government to address what we understand to be the primary student concern: the accommodation of as many guests as possible in the Commencement location. As I explained orally to graduates yesterday the reasons for the shift in location are:

  1. Personal Safety. Given the forecasted possibility of rain and thunder storms as well as the extensive electrical wiring under the outdoor carpet in the Stadium, we have both a moral and legal duty to assure the safety and security of our Commencement participants and guests.
  2. Assuring the Completion of the Ceremony. Even assuming the avoidance of an incident of personal safety, we learned from last year’s Pierce graduation that rain can destroy the event. Unlike last year’s Pierce graduation (one-third the size of Deree), a mid-ceremony shift of the Deree Commencement is not logistically possible.

We waited until the last feasible time (i.e. late Friday afternoon) to confirm that the latest weather forecasts still included the possibility of rain and thunderstorms. As of Saturday morning, we no longer have the physical and technical capability to relocate back to the Stadium. Therefore, tonight’s Commencement can only take place in the Deree Gym.

In communication with Philippos Saccopoulos, President of the Deree Student Government, we are taking the following steps to ameliorate this situation as much as possible:

  1. 400 Extra Seats. Beyond the four seats per graduate already distributed, we are making available an additional 400 seats to accommodate the needs of graduates with larger guest requirements. Priority will be given to immediate family members, elderly and individuals traveling from outside of Athens.
  2. Student Government Initiative. The Student Government will be reaching out to graduates this afternoon to coordinate requests for additional tickets for seats in the Deree Gym. As explained yesterday, we will also provide for viewing of the Commencement at several points throughout the campus (e.g. Upper Level Library, 7th Level Auditorium).

I appreciate very much the understanding of both graduates and guests under these exceptional circumstances.

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Deree Men’s Soccer Wins the 2016 CL CUP!

On Sunday night in Paiania, the Deree men’s soccer team closed a very successful season by winning the 2016 Commercial League Cup 4-2 in penalty kicks after a scoreless match against the 2016 CSL champions Eurobank.

In 2015-16 our team won the ACG 2016 International Sports Festival, the 2016 Commercial League Cup, while finishing second in the 2016 Commercial Super League and in the T5B tournament in Paris.

Congratulations to all!!!

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Thank You ACG Supporters: You made all this possible!

The American College of Greece is deeply honored by the support of hundreds of individuals, organizations, and companies that give generously of their time, energy, and resources.

As the academic year comes to an end, we wish to express our gratitude to all alumni and friends, whose contributions throughout the year have helped us organize a series of successful events in support of our mission to provide more opportunities to our students, and to be of service to society.

Pierce Christmas Bazaar

The 2015 Pierce Christmas Bazaar, a heart-warming student celebration filled with musical medleys and Christmas stories, offered our 800 visitors an abundance of Christmas cheer, tasty food, warm drinks, and gifts, most of which were created by our students with the support of in-kind donors.

Together we were able to raise a total of € 30,000 euros in financial aid, services, and in-kind donations, to reinforce the scholarship fund for Pierce students.


Pierce Open House

Next up came the annual Pierce Open House, a joyful student festival. In the spirit of our school’s motto “Non ministrari, sed ministrare, students teamed up to support the Pierce Scholarship Fund, the Alexandra Hospital’s wing for abandoned newborns, the PIKPA Penteli Hospital, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Aghia Paraskevi soup kitchen.  

Thanks to the valuable contribution of guests and donors, the event was a huge success! We welcomed over 4,100 visitors on campus, including 750 alumni, and together we raised almost double than in the previous year, totaling to € 96,535 ($107,772) in cash and in-kind donations.

The 2016 Open House also saw a tremendous increase in the number of in-kind donations, with almost 110 companies providing unparalleled support. The many in-kind donations this year provided goods in support of the event, and led to the record-breaking number of 430 lottery prizes.

We look forward to breaking even more records with you at Pierce Open House 2017!


Senior Class Giving

The Senior Class Giving Campaign (SCG) is a way for graduating students to honor their college years and to pass on ACG’s culture of giving to the next generation of students. Each year, seniors keep their legacy alive by choosing a cause such as funding a new scholarship or a project that will benefit the College and its future students.

This year’s senior class found inspiration in the College’s past as an educational refugee from Smyrna, and its 140-year legacy of philanthropy and solidarity. Moved by the current humanitarian crisis, they decided to gather funds to offer a valuable gift to a young refugee fleeing war: a scholarship to study at Deree.

The SCG campaign is still on-going, but 8 companies have already supported the students in their effort by providing gifts for a fundraising lottery, and bringing the students one step closer to fulfilling their goal of helping a young person reclaim their future.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can support it, here.


Thank you!

These are just a handful of the ACG and student activities and events that are made possible every year thanks to your in-kind support! Each donation made has strengthened our mission to provide more opportunities to our students and to educate them as socially responsible citizens, ready to give back to the society.

To learn about all the ways in which you can support ACG, please click here or contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations:

Mary-Irene Triantafillou (Deree ‘89), ACG Executive Director of Development t. +30 210.600.9800, ext.: 1239 or [email protected]
Maria Laina (Deree ‘94), ACG Executive Director of Development & Alumni Relations t. +30 210.600.9800, ext.: 1035 or [email protected]

May – June

To learn about ways to create a scholarship fund at ACG, or to contribute to existing funds, please visit or contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations: In Greece, t. +30 210.600.9800,  email: [email protected]. In the US: Office of Development, t. +1 857.284.7908 – [email protected].

The American College of Greece (Pierce-Deree-Alba) is a non-profit, non-sectarian educational institution that was founded in 1875. It is the oldest and largest American college in Europe, offering secondary, undergraduate, and graduate studies as well as programs in professional education. ACG is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the most prestigious accrediting organization in the United States, and has a degree validation agreement with the Open University of the United Kingdom. The College enrolls approximately 4,000 students and has over 50,000 alumni who live and work in dozens of countries around the world.


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Psychology Graduate Programs & NGO ELIZA Team Up

An exciting new collaboration has recently begun between the Deree School of Graduate and Professional Education and the Greek NGO ELIZA-Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the Executive Director of which is our very own alumna Aphrodite Stathi.

ELIZA is a non-profit organization that safeguards and promotes the rights of children who have suffered – or are in danger of suffering – abuse and neglect, specifically from the ages of 0 to 5. The non-profit organization implements high-impact awareness campaigns aimed at prevention, but also at combatting the lack of awareness and engagement of the general public.

Deree has signed an MoU with ELIZA, whereby students from the MS in Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy and the MA in Applied Educational Psychology will work alongside alumni and professors of the graduate programs, and participate as interns in an ongoing project for the prevention of sexual abuse in children.

“Safe Touches” is a sexual abuse prevention curriculum designed by the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), for children in kindergarten classes up to third grade.  It is administered in NYC public schools since 2012 along with a parent training workshop on issues of child sexual abuse.  It’s administration by ELIZA in Greek schools will be also focusing on the effectiveness of the program in greek students through the collection and analysis of research data.

The adaptation of the program to the Greek culture, as well as its administration and evaluation, was made possible by the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.  Dr. Tinia Apergi, Program Coordinator of the MS in Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy, is the principal investigator, Dr. Chrysanthi Nega, Assistant Head of the Psychology Department, is the senior research psychologist, and Dr. Eva Syngelaki, Part-Time Lecturer of Psychology, along with the alumnae Vasia Danaskou, Mental Health Counselor and Anna-Maria Economou Mental Health Counselor, will lead the intern teams in the program administration.

The first step of this initiative was taken on April 22 and 23 at Hotel Amalia, where 17 students, professors, and alumni took part in the “Safe Touches” Train the Trainer Workshop, designed by NYSPCC and ELIZA.  Starting in June 2016 and following in the next academic year, the program will be distributed to several private and public school in the wider Athens area and in Crete.

This new collaboration sets the foundation for meaningful initiatives that will offer valuable hands-on experience to our students but above all, will offer them the opportunity to give back to society and team up to support the world’s purest and most vulnerable group: children.

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Shaping the Future of Dance Education in Greece

This is an exciting time for the future of dance education and training in Greece, the invigoration of which has been the subject of recent debate.

Following press coverage and discussions of the European Dancehouse Network at the Duncan Centre, many artists and scholars agree that the learning path of today’s dance artists needs to include new means of creation and performance contexts, while also examining the power of somatic practices in regard to the teaching of technique, and the impact of new technology in novel approaches to the art.

A New Bachelor of Arts

In the context of revitalizing the dance education in Greece as it constantly needs to strive to reflect international standards, the Theater Arts and Dance Department of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts at Deree is proud to announce its innovative Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Contemporary Dance Practice, starting this fall semester, in September 2016!

The BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance Practice offers a contemporary and wide-ranging curriculum, further strengthened by the fusion of the European conservatoire study with multidisciplinary higher education studies.  The program balances performance skills and artistic methods in dance practice with a theoretical approach and the examination of new technologies.

The degree has been carefully crafted to ensure that students can become successful and versatile practitioners in a global environment, and/or pursue further academic studies in the field of dance or related disciplines. The dance specialist courses include a range of dance and movement techniques, choreography, dance analysis and history. Moreover, students will be able to work in areas of interdisciplinary nature; for example, courses exploring dance and music in collaboration, dance and visual/digital technologies, dance pedagogy and social development, site-specific work, all which reflect current innovation in European conservatoires dance curricula.

The new program has been developed on solid artistic and creative ground established over the last five years:

The work of Dance students and staff has been presented in public dance venues including Kinitiras Studio and Residency Centre, Romantzo, Booze Cooperativa, Neo Kosmos Theater, The Greek Choreographer’s Association Festival.

Lastly, Deree aims to connect its students with the industry of their study, providing them with increased opportunities and insights. Students in the existing Dance minor have previously worked with top national and international dance artists. Past collaborators include RootlessRoot, Michael Klien, Efva Lilja, Yelp Dance Company, Prosxina Dance Company, Soyuz Dance Company, and Joh- Paul Zacarrini.


Given the physically demanding nature of full time training, all applicants must pass an audition before proceeding to the College-wide admissions program. Auditioning applicants are evaluated on their potential for training and therefore the audition panel considers dance technique, creative approaches to improvisation as well as information provided in the interview.

Auditions will take place on:

Wednesday, June 22 at 15:00-18:00
Saturday, July 2 at 11:00-14:00

In order to reserve a place, or for further information contact the Office of Admissions:

t. 210 600 9800, ext.: 1410, 1318, 1411 or [email protected]

Further auditions will take place in August and September.

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VP Carydis Talks to Kathimerini About Social Responsibility

“Non ministrari, sed ministrare” – To serve, not to be served.

Our motto, deeply engrained in the ACG history for over 140 years, is reflected in everything we do: from the scholarship fund that grows with each passing year, to our active support of non-profit organizations and social causes in our local community, and to our commitment to best practices on sustainable development.

Claudia Carydis, Vice President for Public Affairs, was interviewed on Kathimerini and spoke about the College’s philanthropic legacy, and the wide scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR) work ACG engages in.

VP Carydis also discussed the importance of shaping future generations into active and responsible global citizens.

Read the full interview here.

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