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Men’s Water Polo Win the First Trophy of the Season!

The Deree Fall 2017 Water-Polo Tournament took place on October 14-15. Participating in the tournament were Deree Men’s Water Polo team, Nireas Chalandriou, Olympiada Petroupolis, and APOEL.

Over the course of the weekend, the Men’s Water Polo Team managed to win the first trophy of the season despite of how competitive the tournament was, due to the high performances of the other teams!

We would like to thank all the participants and especially our fellow team players of APOEL, Cyprus for their participation and excellent performance!


Saturday, October 14

Olympiada – Nireas = 8-14
Deree – APOEL = 14-13

Sunday, October 15

Deree – Nireas = 13-9
APOEL – Olympiada = 12-8
Deree – Olympiada = 19-7
Nireas – APOEL = 15-11

Congratulations to all the teams!





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Gavriil Gavalas, October 9-15, 2017

Men’s Water Polo

Gavriil played excellent during a weekend in which our team performed great, resulting in winning a highly competitive “Deree Fall 2017 International Invitational” Men’s Water Polo tournament.
Congratulations Gavriil and team!

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“Education Unites: From Camp to Campus” scholarship program for young refugees starts at Deree

On Monday, October 9, dozens of new students gathered at the Downtown Campus Auditorium to attend the Fall semester orientation of 2017-18. The occasion was a special one, as these young people were refugees, recipients of the Education Unites: From Camp to Campus” scholarships.

The Education Unites: From Camp to Campus” program is a joint initiative by The U.S. Embassy in Athens, in collaboration with Deree – The American College of Greece, Anatolia College – The American College of Thessaloniki, and Perrotis College – American Farm School of Thessaloniki. The goal of the program is to give opportunities to displaced students to continue their education; provide them with knowledge, skills, and academic credits they can use either in Greece or in any other European country they move to in the future; help them get out of the camps and become integrated in local colleges; and offer young refugees hope for the future.

The program will offer two courses per student for the 2017-18 Fall and Spring semesters in the three U.S.-affiliated colleges in Athens and Thessaloniki, and the courses will include preparatory English classes, academic classes in diverse fields based on the educational background of participants, as well as vocational training.

In an emotional atmosphere, Dean of Enrollment and International Students, Lucy Kanatsoulis was the first to welcome the students before introducing Eleni Alexaki, Senior Cultural Affairs Specialist at The U.S. Embassy in Athens, who expressed her excitement to see the start of the program. Dean Kanatsoulis then gave the floor to Vice President of Enrollment and Administration, Dimitris Andreou. Upon introducing the organizational heart and soul of this project, Cathleen Mcdonnel, VP Andreou described the “Education Unites” initiative as “a dream come true” and took the opportunity to speak of ACG’s refugee origins and its ability to thrive at times of adversity. Expressing his sincere hope that this program will bring “a happy note” to the students’ lives, he also urged them to enjoy Deree’s facilities and stay here for as long as they wish.

In her equally heart-warming speech, Matilda Chatzipanagiotou, Dean of Students, welcomed the newcomers and expressed her honor that The American College of Greece will be serving them, reminding them of an essential ACG precept: that it is a community where each person’s identity, race, and religion are safeguarded and respected.

Dr. Susan Stetson-Tiligadas, Director of Language and Culture Programs at Deree, introduced the students to the English language preparation program while English professors Maria Sfakianaki and Artemis Michael elaborated on the details of the program’s courses.

The students were also acquainted with the IT technology resources available at ACG and the full range of Deree’s academic policies and support services, before enjoying a lunch break where they had the chance to discuss daily life at Deree with their Orientation Leaders!

Wishing these talented young individuals the best of success with their studies and their future careers!

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B-in-EU Jean Monnet Module launching event at Deree

On Tuesday, October 3, Deree – The American College of Greece hosted the much anticipated launching event of B-in-EU, the EU co-funded project run under ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Module scheme, implemented at Deree, and coordinated by Associate Professor Dr. Anna Visvizi.

The aim of the B-in-EU project is to promote novel approaches to teaching European integration to business students, equipping them with the special skills and knowledge about the EU, thus turning them into dedicated EU citizens and advocates of European integration.

In the crowd-packed space of the Upper Level Library, the Provost, Dr. Thymios Zacharopoulos and Dr. Anna Visvizi welcomed the guests and elaborated on the project before giving the floor to the event’s keynote speaker, Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou, former Minister of Education and EU Commissioner, and current president of “To Diktio” – Network for Reform in Greece and Europe. An equally motivating panel discussion ensued, featuring Dr. Marta Pachocka, Jean Monnet Module Eumigro, Mr. Dimitris Anagnostopoulos, and Professor Anna Moni, moderated by Ms. Lillian Psylla.

In her inspirational speech, themed The imperative for a shared future in an unpredictable world”, Mrs. Diamantopoulou discussed Europe’s main challenges and prospects for the future. Through the centuries, the European continent has been one of blood, wars, among which two World Wars. Now, it is a continent of democracy and peace. Sixty years since its founding Treaty, said Mrs. Diamantopoulou, the European Union can take pride in a unique achievement; that of being the most formidable case of peaceful transnational cooperation in human history. Sadly, the EU is faced with a polycrisis: the Eurozone crisis, Brexit, the refugee and migration crisis, security challenges, and the rise of nationalistic and illiberal forces.

Mrs. Diamantopoulou stressed the need for leaders who will work for Europe and see beyond the national interest, and identified the three global forces that will shape its future in the long run: the rapid demographic change; the dominance of digitization and automation; and the challenges to Europe’s competiveness caused by such emerging economies as China. To survive, Europe will have to invest in innovation and in developing the industries of the future, as well as tackle two major issues, i.e. the government model and the security issue.

On the matter of the Greek crisis, Mrs. Diamantopoulou maintained that Greece, despite its competitive advantages, still needs the EU to stay afloat and that we shouldn’t put our EU participation in doubt.

Speaking of the Erasmus+ program, Mrs. Diamantopoulou described it as the most successful and popular EU project to this day. Designed to combat social inequality and nepotism, and to promote universality, equality for all, and academic excellence, Erasmus+, through its €14.7 billion budget, offers opportunities to over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

“Politics is to participate in a movement” concluded Anna Diamantopoulou, speaking of Diktio, the think tank on reform she has established, which is also currently running an Erasmus+, Jean Monnet Program. Diktio is a not-for-profit, think-and act-tank working towards consensus and against polarization. It aims to foster the concept of European citizenship as well as support and strengthen Greece’s European identity.

Congratulations to all B-in-EU Ambassadors, whose commitment, hard work, and team spirit, made the launch of this important event possible!

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Deree Study Abroad Student Zach Wierschem wins the “Generation Study Abroad Voices” Video Challenge 2017 by IIE and New York Times in Education!

“When refugee children sang me a song of peace and friendship in the midst of being forced from normal life is the moment I realized that life goes on. And such moments would not have been possible without my Study Abroad experience.”

The above words belong to Zach Wierschem, Study Abroad student and this year’s ACG Global Citizenship Award recipient, who recently won the International Institute of Education (IIE) and the New York Times in Education “Generation Study Abroad Voices” Video Challenge 2017!

The International Institute of Education is a prestigious organization that has been advancing international education across borders. Established in 1919, in the wake of World War I, by Nobel Peace prize winners Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University, and Elihu Root, former Secretary of State, and Stephen Duggan, Sr., Professor of Political Science at the College of the City of New York, IIE had a very clear mission since its very beginning: “A peaceful, equitable world enriched by the international exchange of ideas and greater understanding between people and cultures.” Nearly a century – and over 700 people – later, IIE remains committed to its work of furthering all aspects of international education, including studying abroad.

Sharing the same vision – that traveling and experiencing the world is key to a young individual’s future success – Deree, through its Study Abroad Program, offers students such life-changing experiences as Zach’s story. “Study abroad is so formative and crucial to creating the next generation of global citizens”, admits Zach who was majoring in Finance at Marquette University, Milwaukee, before his Study Abroad semester at Deree – The American College of Greece. It took one trip to Greece, and Deree, to awaken him to his true calling. Coming to Athens and seeing the refugees was enough to change his focus from stocks, loans, suits, and the world of high finance, to compassion, compassion, compassion – and his major, from Finance to Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

“I believe my experiences with refugees and having the world as my classroom have prepared me well for the entrepreneurial profession” says Zach who ascribes to Deree his transformation “from a business savvy capitalist into a compassionate young entrepreneur seeking to empower others using the same business principles in the classroom” and plans on launching a startup with micro-loans for people in poverty.

Congratulations to Zach Wierschem for his inspiring vision, courage, and humanitarian work, and wishing him luck with his future plans!

To see the video that landed Zach the 2017 IIE and New York Times in Education Global Citizenship Award, click here.

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ACG Teams Up with DailyChatter

DailyChatter is an international independent and non-partisan daily newsletter built to curate an easy-to-read report of some of the most interesting and important global developments. Part of the new public service effort of DailyChatter is undertaking selected American and international schools and colleges to help students know the world better through their digital devices, with just one scroll, suited for their busy schedules.

The American College of Greece and DailyChatter are now teaming up to offer Deree students a free subscription. ACG students will receive on their devices every weekday morning, a precise summary of important global developments that will trigger conversations. The newsletter, on top of being informative has been reviewed by college faculty as a trustful academic source for the students’ needs.

As ACG’s mission of adding distinctive and sustainable value to our students, this collaboration is especially transformative and eye-opening about events taking place globally.

To subscribe for free click here

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In search of solutions for a world that changes: Deree at this year’s Athens Democracy Forum

For five days, from September 13 to 17, 2017, leading policy makers, business leaders, scholars and other experts, gathered at this year’s Athens Democracy Forum to discuss – as the event’s main theme suggested – “solutions for a changing world”. The event was hosted at the Zappeion Exhibition Hall, Costa Navarino, and the Hotel Grande Bretagne, and organized by The International New York Times (NYT), under the auspices of the United Nations Democracy Fund, and the city of Athens.

True to its tradition of supporting initiatives for a better world, Deree – The American College of Greece joined with the Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) as Education Partners for the International NYT Athens Democracy Forum. The Global Liberal Arts Alliance, is an organization of 29 American-style liberal arts institutions – including Deree – representing 17 nations, with the goal of supporting excellence in liberal arts education on a transnational basis.

A group of 23 students representing 20 colleges of the GLAA in 11 countries, including two Deree students, attended the forum and actively engaged in a variety of events. The students were supervised by Deree Faculty, Dr. Antonis Klidas, and the Coordinator of the GLAA, Dr. Simon Gray.

On Friday, September 15, four students participated in the Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Bridging the Generational Gap panel moderated by Katrin Bennhold, The New York Times Staff Correspondent. The “old generation” team was represented by Irina Bokova, General Director, UNESCO, Kerry Kennedy, President, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, and Brian Smith, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa Group of The Coca-Cola Company. The “old” and “new” generations explored the reasons why young people in Western societies are growing disinterested in the democratic process, from voting to civic engagement, and tried to come up with possible solutions and strategies for leaders and policy makers alike.

On the same day, the students sat at the Sponsored UN Global Goals Interactive Lunch Round Tables panel, sponsored by the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation, and programmed by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, and the newDemocracy Foundation. The students were asked to record the conversation and frame important comments to be used in a summary report intended for the Athens Democracy Forum website.

Congratulations to all students for participating and tackling some of the critical topics the world is facing in these challenging times!

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Rogen Cohen (The New York Times) on the Greek situation

In praise of Greek resilience. Roger Cohen, op-ed columnist for the New York Times, quotes Dr. David Horner, President of The American College of Greece, and writes about Greece’s long-drawn-out socioeconomic tragedy and the vicissitudes of being a Greek in Greece. Hopefully, with every Greek tragedy comes a catharsis, and if we are to believe the writer, “the worst is over”. Countries like Greece have a strong commitment to the European Union, and “Greece is central to the European idea.”

Read the full article here

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Soccer Field Revamped with Latest Technology Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf

The soccer field is now open, after replacing the artificial turf of our soccer field with a product of the latest technology, known as the Lano MXSi monofilament system (accredited by FIFA / FIFA**) supplemented with organic cork infill.

The new organic cork infill is an eco-friendly product that offers our players the feeling of playing on natural grass, while it also remains cool at high temperatures.

The ecological aspect was a top priority, especially with respect to our players’ health; the installation of the new artificial turf system and organic cork infill responds best to our criteria, and we are happy that our students will enjoy this high quality facility for many years to come!