Satisfactory Academic Progress


Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations (CFR 668.34) require institutions of higher education to establish, publish, and regularly apply standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Federal Student Aid (Title IV) eligibility.

According to federal regulations (CFR 668.34), students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to be eligible for any Federal Student Aid (Title IV). All students must meet the following minimum standards of academic achievement and successful course completion to maintain their Title IV eligibility. The student’s progress will be evaluated at the end of every semester (including summer and winter sessions). Please note that these criteria do not replace the University’s set of policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress, but they do apply to students who are enrolled in ACG’s undergraduate and participating graduate programs and partake in Title IV student aid program.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Undergraduate students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 at the end of the first academic year and cumulatively.

Graduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 throughout their studies.

Academic Year Definition


ACG offers programs in credit hours with terms. The minimum academic year definition for all programs is Fall and Spring semesters with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester for full time status. ACG’s academic year is 30 credit hours, which includes summer sessions’ hours (Fall semester + Spring semester + Summer Sessions). ACG has only one academic year definition for all undergraduate programs and the payment periods are determined by the terms.


The Graduate School follows a trimester system, which involves three terms per academic year each term lasting 13 weeks. The minimum academic year definition for all programs is Fall, Winter and Spring Terms with a maximum of 12 credit hours per term and a minimum of 9 credit hours for full time status. The Graduate academic year is 36 credit hours.

Pace of Completion

The student must complete at 67% of the attempted courses each semester.

Maximum Time Frame

The maximum time in which an undergraduate student is permitted to complete a degree while maintaining Title IV eligibility is 150 per cent of the published program length. An undergraduate student is limited to a total of 182 attempted credits.

Example: If the published program length is 121 credits, the maximum time to complete the program is 150% of 121 credits, or 182 credits total.

Students should be advised that while US federal eligibility may allow them to continue to apply for aid, individual academic progress rules may impact the student’s ability to continue to receive aid.


Financial Aid Warning

Students who do not meet SAP will be placed on federal aid warning for one semester. Students will be notified of this in writing by email.

Students who have been placed on federal aid warning and have successively met the academic standing requirements for the following semester will have the financial aid warning status removed. Students who have been placed on warning and did not meet the academic standing requirements the following semester will have their aid suspended. Student will be notified of the suspension in writing by email.

Students who have had their aid suspended can reapply for federal aid in future semesters if they eventually meet the SAP requirements.

Students may appeal their suspension of aid as outlined below.


The student’s progress is evaluated at the end of every semester (including summer). If it is found that a student receiving Title IV aid does not comply with the above listed standards, they will be notified in writing and placed on probation for one semester. During that semester, the student will still be eligible for Title IV aid. However, if at the end of the probation period the student still fails to meet the standards, they will lose Title IV eligibility.


A student may appeal their loss of Title IV eligibility. They must submit the appeal within two weeks after the last day of classes of the semester. The appeals committee will meet and relay the decision to the student within one month after the submission of the appeal. The appeal committee may determine that the student may be placed on Title IV probation for an additional term if they decide the student will be able to meet the school’s satisfactory academic progress requirements by the end of the subsequent term.


Students who failed to maintain eligibility may regain their Title IV eligibility through the appeals process (as described above) or by meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

Incompletes, withdrawals, transfer credit

If a student receives an incomplete or if they withdrew from a course, the credits will be counted as attempted but not completed. Noncredit courses will not be counted as attempted or completed. Transfer credits are counted as attempted and completed, no grades are transferred.

Transfer Credit Policy

Information for undergraduate transfer students can be found the North American Enrollment page.

Information on transferring credits can be found in our catalog.

Students are classified according to the number of credit hours they have completed as follows:

0-29 Freshman
30-59 Sophomore
60-89 Junior
90 or more Senior

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