ACG Housing & Residential Services Guidelines


Specific guidelines for all ACG Housing & Residential Services have been developed to ensure the safety of our campus community and achieve the goal of an engaged living and learning experience for residents.

Move-In Procedure

All residential students will receive additional information regarding their arrival and move-in date and time. Residential students may only have two people assisting them with move-in to manage physical distancing.

Residential Common Areas

Facemasks or appropriate face coverings will be required in common areas and when physical distancing is not possible. Reusable face masks are encouraged, but care must be taken to keep face masks clean after possible exposure to the virus. Students may need several masks daily. Face coverings will be required in residence hall common areas (including kitchenettes, hallways, laundry rooms, lounge spaces, study rooms, gym etc.). Whenever possible, the student should take the stairs and not use the elevator.

Cleaning Guidelines

Hygiene supplies that students should have:

  • Cleaning supplies.They will need cleaning supplies for their room, so they can frequently clean and disinfect surfaces. 

  • Hand sanitizer.They will see many new hand sanitizer dispensers all over residences, but bring a bottle to keep in their room and a small bottle for their purse or backpack.

  • All students will be asked to monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19. As fever is often an early symptom, it is suggested that they make this screening part of their morning routine.

Common areas

  • Common areas and bathrooms will be cleaned with increased frequency by cleaning staff using chlorine based products according to the government regulations.

  • Students should clean their laptop, mouse, keyboard, and phone regularly, take care to wipe down commonly used surfaces in their residence hall rooms: desk, door handles, fridge handle, etc. Residential Staff should take care to wipe down commonly used surfaces in their workplace before starting work each day. 

Disinfection Procedure for all Residences

All residential facilities have been disinfected before each semester/session and extra disinfection applications have been planned due to COVID-19.

Room Allocation and guests

  • Student housing will be offered as always in double, single and studio type of bedrooms.
  • Isolation space will be created in all residence buildings to be used in case of need.
  • Residential students will be allowed only one permitted guest per room during approved visitation hours.
  • No overnight guests will be permitted.
  • If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19 they will be asked to self-isolate in their bedroom until roommates have been reallocated to a new apartment. They will be asked to self-isolate in their apartment until a specified period of time after symptoms resolve. Roommates will also be asked to quarantine for a specified period of time. For more info on COVID-19 please refer to Student Protocols.