ACG Food Services Guidelines | COVID 19

ACG Food Services Guidelines


Suspension of Operation of Food Services Providers in Deree Premises

Following the recent announcement issued by the Greek government, we are in the unpleasant position to inform you that the operation of our food providers that are located in the Deree section, Deipnosofistirion and Starbucks, are suspended as of Tuesday, November 3 and until further notice.

Distribution of Pre-arranged Meal Plans

All pre-arranged meal plans of our students will be handled and distributed by our food provider following the general precaution measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease.

The food providers that are located in the Pierce section, Deipnosofistirion and Venetis, will remain open.

Specific guidelines for all ACG food providers have been developed to ensure the best practices on their operation and modify their practices to ensure safe food preparation and delivery of service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Provider guidelines

The ACG Food providers

  1. Ensure compliance with guidelines and post signs in highly visible locations (building entrances, restrooms, and dining areas) that promote protective measures.

  2. Have made all the appropriate arrangements to limit the number of people, including staff and customers, based on a determination of capacity.

  3. Have made modifications on determining seating configuration to comply with physical distancing requirements.

  4. The food provider staff:
    • Must apply thoroughly all general cleaning, disinfection and individual hygiene guidelines (e.g. washing hands frequently with soap and water and/or applying antiseptic hand gel before or after handling food, disinfecting surfaces etc.).

    • Must observe general precaution measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID-19 disease (e.g. staff must abstain from work in case of development of COVID-19-compatible symptoms, use protective masks in indoor areas and in busy outdoor areas, etc.)

    • Must wear face masks while working at the restaurant (preparing or distributing food).

  5. Mark designated signs on the floor to manage customer flow and monitor that students keep distances of at least 1.5m while waiting in line, ordering, and during the entering and exiting process. In cases where distances cannot be kept while waiting, the use of face masks is mandatory.

  6. It is recommended that students use alcohol-based hand gel before meals and after completing monetary transactions with the food provider staff.

  7. Frequently disinfect all common areas and touchpoints, including payment devices.

  8. Prohibit customer self-service operations such as: buffets, salad bars and vending machine stations.

  9. Use pre-packaged offers and menus to minimize employee bare-hand contact with food through use of utensils.

  10. Provide condiments in single-service packets or from a single-service container when possible.

  11. Disinfect customer-contact surfaces at tables between customers, including seats, tables, menus, condiment containers and all other touchpoints.