Access your E-Textbook

  • Access your Bb course menu and click on the eTextbook content area.e-book menu


  • ATTENTION: If you are registered in a course that uses an e-textbook, please be informed that after the 50% Withdrawal period the initial access to your course’s e-book has expired. In order to receive the full license for access to your course’s e-textbook, you need to visit the e-textbook menu item and click to open and reactive your e-textbook .


  • The eTextbook page appears with the link to your eTextbook. Click on the title of the eTextbook to open it.



  • You will receive the Acknowledgement message. This page informs you about the fee that will be charged if the e-Textbook is launched. Keep in mind that this message concerns only the students. If you wish, select the Do not show me this message again, and proceed by clicking Launch.



  • Now, you have entered the Bookshelf by VitalSource environment. In order to activate your eTextbook for your students and you will get a Complimentary eTextbook message. Click Continue

Coplimentary eTextbook


  • This is the eTextbook environment:

Screenshot (1)


Inside the Book – Video Tutorial by VitalSource

If you click the Library button VitalSource in your eTextbook page, you will open the Library page of Bookshelf and from there, you are able to manage your sharing settings and Highlighters and view/edit your VS user account.

  • Click the admin icon in order to access your Account Info, Devices or Resources (not included in all textbooks) that are included with your eTextbook through the VitalSource Account Center.





  • eResources

eResources are additional supplementary material that accompany the eTextbook (i.e. Website), that are provided by the publisher.

Not all books have eResources, so this option is only available for those that do.

If your book has eResources, you can access them using the following steps:

  • Access the eTextbook that contains the resource.
  • Open the Main Menu on the left side.
  • Click Resources to enter the Resources page



  • While in the Bookshelf home page.
  • Press the User Hub button, to access the drop-down menu.
  • When one of your eTextbooks has an eResource, the Resources option will be available as shown in the picture on the right. (Warning: If the Resource option is not available, but you think it should, then click Tools > Update Library)
  • While inside the Resources page, you will see all the eTextbook that have available resources.

To access the resources of an eTextbook, just click the link on the right side, resembling an arrow.


  • Then click Reveal Code to reveal the link/s of the resources.
  • Click the link to access the resources.
  • You can also click Support for additional information on Bookshelf by VitalSource.



How to use Bookshelf via Blackboard Learn

The Bookshelf by Vital Source page provides you with links so as to access and manage your digital content via Blackboard Learn. Below, you will find the available links and their use:

Bookshelf by Vitalsource

Open Bookshelf

Open Bookshelf

Click this link to view and manage all adopted eTextbooks. To refresh your eTextbook Library, click on Tools and then, select Update Library. All your adopted eTextbooks will appear in this page.



Click on an adopted eTextbook to read it. Click on any link from the Table of Contents to your left to reveal the chapter contents. Use the scroll bar to navigate the through the pages or type the exact number of the page you wish to visit located at the bottom left of the page.

tob border


Make highlighted text available to studentsMain Menu

  • Visit your Blackboard Learn course.
  • Click on the eTextbook you want to access.
  • Once you are inside the eTextbook, click the Main Menu button at the top-left of the screen.
  • Click on Highlighters.
  • There are three highlighters by default. You can create another one if you wish by pressing the Add Highlighter button and entering the appropriate information and choose it’s color.

highlight border

  • To make your highlighted text available to students, you have to select each highlighter and then change the privacy option to Public. You have to click Save in each and every highlighter for your changes to take effect.

highlighter 2 border

  • To Delete a highlighter click on Remove.

highlighter 3 border


Main MenuHow to see highlighted text made by students

  • In order to see highlighted text made by students, you have to subscribe to them.
  • Click the Main Menu button at the top-left of your screen.
  • Click the Sharing button, in order for the pop-up window to open.


  • Once inside the window, select the I’m following tab or select the My Followers tab.
  • If you select the I’m Following tab, then you will be needed to enter the email of the student in order to see their shared highlighters.
  • Then click Add.


sharing border

  • If you select the My Followers tab, then a link will be there for you to send to others to add them as followers and anyone who clicks the link will be able to see all of your public highlighters
  • Repeat this process to include as many students as you want.

sharing 2 border


You can use the notebook tool to search for highlighters or notes inside the e-textbook.

notebook border

The notebook provides two drop-down menus for managing your note(s)/highlighter(s), which are Filter and Sort.

The Filter menu, allows the user to select which note(s)/highlighter(s) are shown in the are below.
You can select the “All Highlights” option which is selected by default or select the “Notes” option to present only the notes of the e-textbook.
You can also select to present highlight the user that created them by selecting one of the three options.


The Sort menu, allows the user to reorder the note(s)/highlighter(s). The default option is the “Book Order (First to Last)“, but you can change it to whichever option you like.


The notebook tool provides the option to View the selected note(s) or highlighter(s) in the book.
So to view the note(s) or highlighter(s) in the book, click on the contextual menu on the top-right of the window and then select View in Book.
There is also the option Delete that removes the selected highlight.


You can also read your notes and highlights by using Microsoft OneNote integration with Bookshelf Online.



Microsoft OneNote with Bookshelf Online enables students to access notes and highlights within Microsoft OneNote.

You can use this feature to annotate notes created in Bookshelf and class for studying on the go.

First, open an e-textbook that you have notes and highlights added.


Then, click on the Notebook icon to access your highlighted material and notes.


As soon as you access your notebook click on the OneNote icon in the upper right-hand corner.


You can sign in with your college email account to access OneNote.


Then allow OneNote to access your info by clicking “Accept”,


use the check boxes to select the content you wish to send to OneNote and click Preview.


My Bookshelf eTextbooks

See all your eTextbooks for each course.

Bookshelf by Vitalsource

Review Mode

Review Mode is a tool  made to permit students a concentrated approach to study about subscribed and individual notes as well as highlights.

  • In order to access this tool you will need to select the Notebook button on your bottom left and then on the bottom of the Notebook section you will press the Launch Review Mode button.

review 1 border

  • After you press the button, a window will pop up in which you can customize your review.
  • On the top left of the window you can see which of the notes or highlights belong to you and which are shared.
  • On the top right of the window you have the option to select all of your notes or highlights to review or you can deselect them all and manually enter the ones you would like to review.
  • In order to add a highlight you just check the box on the right of the highlight.

review 2 border


  • If you wish to customize your review further you can click on the bottom left of the window
    the More Options button where you have the ability to choose highlighters you want to
    include in your review as well as some other features.

review 3 border

  • After you have finished with your customization click Start Review.
  • Inside your customized review you can see on the left the page of the book that the highlight is and on the right your highlight.
  • On the top left there is the Exit button. Whenever you would like to exit from your review press that button.
  • On your top right is your progress during your review.
  • On the bottom right there are the Previous and Next buttons where you can forward or backward the pages.

review 4 border

  •  When you are finished you can review again if you would like to, make a new review or exit the review mode.

review 5 border



Bookshelf Clients

Bookshelf Clients

Choose if you will view the links on the native Bookshelf or online. The native Bookshelf concerns configuring your user account for offline use, install the application on your PC/laptop and launch the application so as to login.

The default and recommended settings are the Online.

Presentation Settings










Manage Adopted eTextbooks for your Course

Manage Adopted eTextbooks for your Course

Here, you can manage your eTextbooks, adopt new ones or Un-adopt the ones you no longer need and Add Links of the chapters of the eTextbooks to any content area.

Manage Adopted Textbooks


Bookshelf Grade Refresh

Bookshelf Grade Refresh

Use the Bookshelf Grade Refresh in case you have adopted eTextbooks that have gradable items so as to update the grades returned from Bookshelf.


Bookshelf Content and eTextbook Refresh

Bookshelf Content and eTextbook Refresh

Update the content links and make sure they are available. Click Submit to refresh the links.

Content and eTextbook Refresh


Bookshelf Usage Reports

Bookshelf Usage Reports

View reports on the total and user usage of the adopted eTextbooks. Select the criteria from the drop down lists Report and eTextbook, and enter the Start Date and End Date for the report. Click Go.

Bookshelf Usage Reports