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Academic Societies

ACG’s Academic Societies offer students the opportunity to engage and collaborate with faculty in an academic discipline, attend lectures and seminars and participate in excursions and a wide range of activities that provide deeper engagement in a particular subject area. Whether you are interested in volunteering, meeting fellow students or members of the business or arts community, ACG’s programs enrich the educational experience at the College, offering something for every student.

Accounting and Finance Society

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The mission of the Accounting & Finance Society is to respond to the needs of the accounting and finance major/minor students. The Society’s main focus is to provide academic support to its members and serve as an informal link between the students and the Accounting and Finance Department.

The Accounting & Finance Society has a long tradition in organizing academic events, such as lectures, panel discussions, seminars and field trips. These events expand students’ horizons by linking the theoretical knowledge gained through coursework with the practical perspective offered by leading practitioners in business.

The Society also organizes fun events, like bake and memorabilia sales, to raise funds for various projects.

E-mail: dc.afsoc@acg.edu

Art History Society

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The Art History Society operates as a forum of communication between students and faculty, providing feedback on the structure of the Art History program, individual courses, assessment and research resources. The Society promotes the disciplines of art history and archaeology among its members and the entire ACG community. It organizes academic events, such as lectures, panel discussions and colloquia/conferences by distinguished academics and professionals in the art world. It serves as a link with other ACG academic societies for the enhancement of interdisciplinary learning and the promotion of academic excellence.

E-mail: dc.artsoc@acg.edu

Communication Society

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The Communication Society fosters a climate of intellectual collaboration between students and faculty members, and provides opportunities for students to explore various career options. We achieve these aims by working with advisors in order to organize events such as conferences and trips with an explicit educational purpose and by actively supporting initiatives undertaken by the Communication department.

E-mail: dc.comsoc@acg.edu

Computer Information Systems Society

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The Computer Information Systems Society (CIS) is a student academic society whose purpose is to serve as an interface between CIS students, the CIS faculty and other college bodies. The CIS Society organizes field trips, on-campus lectures with professionals from the business community, panel discussions and informational sessions about the program. The Society also endeavors to solve problems that might confront CIS students.

The CIS Society joins with other student business societies to organize the annual Business Week, an series of events dedicated to creating synergies between students and industry. The head of the CIS department acts as the Society’s advisor and supervises the elections for the Society’s governing body as prescribed by the Society’s constitution. The governing board of students implements all planned activities. The CIS Society maintains a Blackboard site for all students majoring in CIS, where academic information can be posted. Active membership in the Society promotes a critical link between the College, students and the professional community.

E-mail: dc.cissoc@acg.edu

Economics Society

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The Economics Society’s mission is to facilitate and improve the academic life of economics students. It serves as a link between students and faculty. Students may refer to us for any issue concerning their studies and their experience on campus. One of the main purposes of the Society is to acquaint students with the main topics of economics through various events and activities including lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions, field trips, and participation in events organized both by Greek and international institutions.

E-mail: dc.econsoc@acg.edu

English Society

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The English Society aims to foster an academic community of students who are pursuing an English major or minor. By organizing co-curricular activities that enhance the student’s experience, the Society organizes events such as theater nights, lectures and presentations, maintaining an active presence on campus while also supporting learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. The English Society addresses academic needs of English students through representation on the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Program Committee and encourages collaboration among the governing body, the students and the department through the English department director.

E-mail: dc.engsoc@acg.edu

Environmental Studies Society

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The Environmental Studies (ES) Society was established in spring 2012 and is a student-run organization that embraces all Environmental Studies majors and minors. The Society helps ES students gain practical skills and experience in environmental studies fields and solve problems they may be confronted with during their studies. The Society also aims to promote awareness of environmental issues at Deree-ACG in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for Sustainability and other College entities. The meet its goals the Society organizes and supports academic events and activities such as lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and field trips and participates actively in College-wide events such as the Sustainability Week.

E-mail: dc.environmnentalstudiessoc@acg.edu; amisseyanni@acg.edu

History Society

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The History Society promotes cooperation between History students and History faculty. It organizes social and cultural events and, in collaboration with other societies, field trips. The History Society is a vital component in designing a schedule of courses which fits the needs of the students. Usually, the Society’s governing body gathers information from History majors and minors regarding which courses are needed, helping the department formulate its schedule of course offerings.

E-mail: dc.histsoc@acg.edu

International Business & European Affairs Society

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The International Business & European Affairs (IBEA) Society organizes field trips, on-campus lectures, and informational meetings about the program and participates, along with other student societies, in organizing the annual Business Week event. The mission of the IBEA society is to support, promote, encourage and communicate the academic, social and professional pursuits of IBEA students. The Society’s faculty advisor supervises the organization of elections to the Society’s governing board according to the Society’s constitution, and the board of students implements planned activities. The Society also maintains a Blackboard site for all students majoring in the program where academic information can be posted. The IBEA Society is very active in the College community and has won two annual Deree awards in recent years.

E-mail: dc.ibeasoc@acg.edu

Information Technology Society

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All students who major or minor in Information Technology are members of the IT Society, whose aims are to help solve problems that might confront IT students, to operate as a channel of communication between IT students and faculty though its governing body and to organize academic events, including lectures, panel discussions, field trips and conventions.

E-mail: dc.informationtechsoc@acg.edu

International Tourism & Hospitality Management Society

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The International Tourism and Hospitality Management Society is a curricular, self-governing student society. All students majoring in ITHM have the right to be members of the ITHM Society, and to participate in the election of its governing body. The Society’s general assembly, thought its governing body, plans and implements various academic-oriented activities throughout the year, in order to expose students to contemporary topics related to each discipline, while relating theory with best practices in the field. By participating in the Society’s events, students have the chance to hone their organizational, teamwork and presentation skills, as well as to network with professionals who are prominent in the respective disciplines.
Students may find more information on the ITHM Society’s Blackboard container or by contacting the Society directly

E-mail: dc.ithmsoc@acg.edu

Management Society

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The Management Society at Deree comprises students who have chosen to pursue a major in Management, whether their passion lies in entrepreneurship, operations, organizational behavior and human resources, or in shipping. Within the Society, students pursue their academic interests in management and contemplate related contemporary issues with peers, faculty and practitioners. As a Management major, you are encouraged to become a member of the Management Society, and to actively participate in its activities. Your active membership is a great way to meet other students with similar interests and learn more about the practical aspects of our major. These activities may include taking part in a visit to company, gaining experience in organizing events, such as lectures, conferences or management competitions. Your experiences in the Management Society will enhance your personal, academic and social development.

E-mail: dc.mgnsoc@acg.edu

Marketing Society

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The Marketing Society is a self-governed co-curricular society. All students who have declared a major in marketing have the right to enroll in the Society, and to vote for and be elected to its governing body (GB).

The Society’s general assembly, through its governing body, plans and implements various academic activities throughout the year, in order to introduce marketing students to topics related to the marketing discipline. All events, such as lectures, presentations and competitions, share a common goal: to relate marketing theory with marketing practice in Greece and internationally.

Apart from becoming more aware on the latest trends in the field, by participating in Marketing Society events, you will also have the opportunity to connect with a strong network of marketing professionals, something that is likely to help you in your future career.

For more information visit the Marketing Society’s area on Blackboard, our Facebook Group, or by contacting the Society directly
E-mail: dc.mgnsoc@acg.edu

Music Society

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The mission of the Deree Music Society is to cultivate communication and collaboration between Music students; to maintain formal communication channels between students, faculty and administration; and to provide music majors and minors with frequent opportunities to express, develop, and achieve their personal, musical and academic goals.

In addition to the Societiy’s annual Music Week, which includes student performances, master classes, workshops and guest speakers who visit the campus to share their expertise with students, the Music Society organizes performances, cultural field trips and academic events throughout the year.

Through representation in the Program Committee, students are informed about academic matters and are able to formally communicate their concerns.

The Music Society welcomes the participation of all Deree students in its activities and events, however, as an academic society, only Music majors and Music minors are qualified to vote or hold office.

The Music Society shared the Society of the Year Award with the Visual Arts Society for its co-curricular activities in 2011-2012.

Leslie Jones, Head, Music Department
Tel.: 210 600 9800, ext. 1427
E-mail: jones@acg.edu

Philosophy Society

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The Philosophy Society is an academic student-run group, headed by a four-member governing body. Its mission is to organize events of academic philosophical interest and promote collaboration with other societies in order to explore the value of interdisciplinary engagement. Since 2007, the Philosophy Society has been inviting former Deree professors of philosophy to present working and published papers from their own scholarship and research, to discuss with students the way philosophy helped shape their outlook and examine the applicability of the philosophical method in general. Since 2008, the Society has established a critical film analysis seminar. In 2012, academics from Greece and the US were invited to lecture on various philosophical subjects.

E-mail: dc.philsoc@acg.edu

Psychology Society

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Our mission is to provide a collegial environment for students to broaden knowledge and understanding of Psychology by means of lectures, workshops, discussions, excursions, movies and participation at academic & scientific events. At the same time, the Society strives to represent and promote the interests of the Psychology students in academic issues and to promote scientific psychological research at Deree by encouraging and providing assistance to students. Finally, it endows students with various opportunities for personal and intellectual exploation, providing information about post-graduate studies, internship positions and career opportunities.

E-mail: dc.psychsoc@acg.edu

Sociology Society

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The Sociology Society is among the oldest at ACG with a history of considerable contribution to student life. ACG has often demonstrated its appreciation to the Society through a number of awards. Our mission is the enrichment of the educational experience at ACG with on-campus academic events, the organization of inter-disciplinary events with other departments, and the invitation of important speakers, along with field trips, fundraising and social events aimed at creating a strong sociology community.

Students can follow our activities on Blackboard.

Georgia Lagoumitzi
E-mail: lagoumitzig@acg.edu

Theater Arts Society

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The Theatre Arts Society serve as a forum for all Theatre Arts students and as a facilitator of communication between students, faculty, and the College’s administration. It also helps students interact with the world of theater, promotes student exchange programs and internships with theatrical organizations and institutions and organizes theatrical events such as performances, readings workshops, and master classes. Through the Society’s participation in the Program Committee, students can present ideas and views on academic matters.

Katerina Nikolopoulou, Head, Theatre Arts Department
Tel.: 210 600 9800, ext. 1456
E-mail: katnikolopoulou@acg.edu

Visual Arts Society

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The Visual Arts Society cultivates communication and collaboration among Visual Arts students, as well as between Visual Arts students and the rest of the ACG student body and faculty, and endeavors to resolve issues that challenge aspiring visual artists.

The Society organizes events such as lectures, panel discussions, conventions, exhibitions, workshops, gallery and museum visits and trips. It serves as a link between Deree and arts organizations and institutions.

Through the Society’s representation in the Program Committee, Visual Arts students are informed about academic matters and are able to formally communicate their concerns.

The Visual Arts Society received the Society of the Year award in 2010, and shared the same award with the Music Society in 2011-2012.

Effie Halivopoulou, Head, Visual Arts Department
Tel.: 210 600 9800, ext. 1237
E-mail: halivopoulou@acg.edu