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Deree Business Week 2018 Opens with Declan Costello

On Tuesday, March 13, the first day of Business Week 2018 was successfully launched with high attendance numbers. The event was held at the Upper Level of John S. Bailey Library with the theme “Young Leaders Grow(ing) Greece.

President David G. Horner and Dr. Annie Triantafyllou, Dean, School of Business, delivered the opening remarks and introduced the keynote speaker and Mission Chief for Greece at the European Commission, Mr. Declan Costello.

Regarding the future of the Greek economic-readjustment period Mr. Costello said on a positive note: “The European Commission strongly agrees that Greece is able to successfully conclude the Economic Adjustment Program within 2018.” Mr. Costello supported that sustainable economic growth will depend on how dedicated the Greek government can be to the proposed next steps. He further addressed the current state of the Greek economic advancement as well as the upcoming procedures towards a stable economy and promising employment rates.

Many distinguished speakers from the business world, including Dr. Aggeliki Kosmopoulou, Executive Director of A.K. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation and Mr. Paul Kidner, General Manager of The People’s Trust, discussed various issues with regard to the opportunities and the potential young leaders can currently find in Greece.

Deree Business Week is an annual four-day business forum organized by the Academic Societies of the School of Business, aiming to bring together industry professionals and experts from different fields of business with ACG students, faculty and alumni. This year’s theme “Young Leaders Grow(ing) Greece” showcases the growing trend and importance of young leadership in business and how they can flourish in Greece.

Deree Business Week 2018 continues with prominent speakers and guests from the international and Greek business world on Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 and Friday 16.

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Reuse Week at Deree!

Because ACG Cares

The Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES) at the Office of Public Affairs, with the support of the Office of Student Affairs and the Environmental Studies Society, organized a week filled with reuse activities in the context of the ACG Waste Reduction and Recycling Campaign, from February 26 to March 2, 2018. The purpose of the week was to spread the message that everything is a valuable resource and to show how we can reuse and repurpose materials which we would otherwise throw away.

The activities included a week-long book and board games drive to gather materials for donation to the Navarino Environmental Observatory Library and the SOS Children’s Villages, and a day with sustainable workshops centered on the theme of ‘Reusing/Repurposing’. The two sustainable workshops took place on February 28 at the Deree Student Lounge. Participants learned how to make their own soap with cooking oil and how to transform t-shirts into reusable bags.

“Reusing and re-purposing materials diverts them from the waste stream and saves us from enduring the social, environmental and financial costs of an ever expanding ‘waste-horizon’. From the scale of the small to the scale of the big, we aim to turn the recovery concept into a habit; why not even an art-form.”, says Dr. Michael Valahas, Director of the Center of Excellence for Sustainability.

You can Get Involved too!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Vote for the Public’s Award category at Ermis Awards!

Ermis Awards, Greece’s most famous awards in advertising, chose Deree’s Communication students to vote for the shortlist in the Public’s Award category!

50 undergraduate and graduate Communication students voted for the 11 finalists during a special meeting on January 22, 2018. The list of finalists is posted on and the public can vote for the best candidate!

The winner will be announced on the night of the awards ceremony, on March 13.

Such an honor for our students! Well done to all!

Vote here

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Deree at the Delphi Economic Forum 2018

“New Globalization and Growth Challenges” was the theme of the 3rd Delphi Economic forum held in Delphi, March 1-4, 2018.

This year’s 420 distinguished speakers and 55 different panels, addressing more than 1.800 attendees, aimed at examining the main global trends, assessing their implications and reviewing the resulting challenges and policy options confronting decision-makers of the wider Eastern Mediterranean Region. Moreover, the Forum dealt with Greece’s need for structural reforms and highlighted the need for a new model of governance.

Forty-five Deree students from various study fields representing both undergraduate and graduate programs, were given the unique opportunity to attend the various sessions and “rub shoulders” with prominent speakers from Greece and abroad. The students were actively engaged throughout the Forum making a strong presence with their comments during the Q&A sessions. They were escorted by Vice President of Public Affairs Claudia Carydis and Dr. Constantine Papadopoulos, professor in the International Business Department.

VP Carydis represented ACG as the moderator of the two panels held on the future landscape of higher education, with the participation of speakers from Greece, the US and the UK. These panels focused on the prevailing trends that shape higher education globally, as well as the specific challenges both public and private higher education institutions are facing in Greece and the need to address those with the necessary decisions and reforms.

“We are very happy to have given this opportunity to our students who in turn, greatly enjoyed being part of it all. This is a highly stimulating forum where important ideas are exchanged and generated while everybody has plenty of opportunities to meet and develop new, high-level contacts”, Claudia Carydis said.

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ACG wins Silver Award for sustainability!

ACG has been awarded the STARS SILVER Rating from the “Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education” (AASHE). STARS is a voluntary, self-reporting framework designed for colleges and universities worldwide, in order for them to measure their sustainability performance, in the areas of Education, Research, Operations, Environment, Planning, Administration, as well as Community Engagement.

The first ACG STARS report was submitted in December 2015 and resulted in ACG being awarded a Bronze Rating. Since then, a lot has been accomplished. Just to name a few important developments, ACG: a) monitored and inventoried Green House Gas emissions for the first time, b) enhanced the sustainability dimension of Deree courses’ learning outcomes, c) established the position of Sustainability Manager, d) revised its purchasing policy to address environmental and social concerns and e) extended its social impact through a variety of socially responsible initiatives.

As also reflected in President Horner’s 2025 vision, and following US best practices, ACG is gradually developing an ever-growing number of sustainability best practices addressing issues from carbon footprint, to energy efficiency and social responsibility, to sustainability focus in academic programs and research, as well as further enhancement in transparency, diversity and accountability.

STARS facts:

  • ACG is the second institution in Europe to win a SILVER rating.
  • We are one of the 3 institutions for 2017 that were awarded with SILVER-rating outside the US and Canada
  • ACG is the one of the two institutions outside the US and Canada to have been awarded with two STARS ratings – BRONZE and SILVER (ACG and the Universidad de Monterrey).
  • ACG is the only institution in Greece to submit a report and to receive a STARS rating.
  • ACG received third place worldwide among the institutions with SILVER rating in terms of overall score.
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Opening Event of the Simulated Trading Room

On Monday, February 12, more than 150 distinguished guests and journalists had the opportunity to attend the official opening of the Simulated Trading Room (STR), first of its kind in Southeastern Europe. Among the attendees were government officials, prominent professionals from the world of business and finance, as well as distinguished individuals from the ACG community. Guests gathered at the Deree Student Lounge where honorary speakers U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt, President David Horner, and Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Annie Triantafillou discussed the benefits that the STR offers to ACG students. President Horner addressed the opening remarks and stated “Our goal is to channel resources into Greece to make a difference and STR is one of our prime steps into achieving it,” before introducing the U.S. Ambassador to the audience. “The trading room will serve as a laboratory and classroom providing a unique experience to students that they can use when they begin searching for jobs in financial services or banking” said Ambassador Pyatt for the opportunities students will receive through the STR, a project funded by USAID and supported by the National Bank of Greece. The Simulated Trading Room replicates a real-world trading experience providing students with unique hands-on training in Greece, a competitive edge in the domestic and international job market in challenging times. The STR includes some of the latest and most established software and equipment found in trading floors around the world, making financial markets easily accessible by ACG students and graduates. Dean Triantafillou referred to the road-so-far and to the process of bringing an educational dream to life, before inviting guests to an up-and-close look into the STR and its capabilities.

The event was covered by multiple media channels, including an Ant1 TV special.

A cocktail reception followed.

The ceremony was coordinated and organized by the ACG Marketing and Communication Office.

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U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, visits Deree – The American College of Greece

To discuss “The Ongoing Cooperation between the United States and Greece at an Economic, Trade and Security Level”

On Tuesday, February 6, Deree and Pierce students had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with the U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt. More than 100 students, faculty and staff gathered at the Upper Level of the John S. Bailey Library to hear the U.S. Ambassador speak about the bilateral relations between Greece and the United States on matters of economy, trade, and security. President Horner addressed the opening remarks and described ACG’s relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Athens as “Our no. 1 institution relationship” before introducing the Ambassador to the audience. “In many ways we are going through one of the most promising phases of U.S.-Greece relations in a very long time” said Ambassador Pyatt on an optimistic note. Commenting on Greece’s great current investment opportunities, the Ambassador stressed the country’s enormous potential in the areas of renewable energy, logistics, digitization, and human capital.

In the discussion that followed students asked questions on a variety of topics, including investment opportunities post-crisis, Greece’s relations with Turkey and the neighboring countries, the role of the Greek-American Diaspora, and Greece’s presence as a force of stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The discussion was moderated by Claudia Carydis, Vice President for Public Affairs, and was organized in collaboration with the School of Business, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the International Honors Society, the Investment Club and the Accounting and Finance Society.

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Study Abroad Scholarships by the Hellenic Foundation

Two full scholarships covering tuition, housing and roundtrip airfare to Greece will be awarded to undergraduate Greek-Americans from the greater Chicago area. The current scholarships can be used for the Fall 2018 semester.

Priority will be given to undergraduate Chicagoland Greek-American students, who have never or rarely visited Greece in the past, with GPA ≥ 3.0. All scholarship recipients must fulfil the criteria for admission to The American College of Greece. Greek descent is defined as having one or more parents, grandparents, or great grandparents born in Greece.

The recipients will be selected by ACG’s Scholarships Committee.

In order to be considered for a Hellenic Foundation scholarship, applicants must complete and submit the following items from March 15, 2018 to April 30, 2018.

Early applicants will receive early consideration.

For application instructions see here

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Impressive drop of smoking rates in Greece in the last 5 years

More and more Greeks are turning their back on smoking. This is the result of the nationwide research conducted on behalf of The Institute of Public Health, at The American College of Greece, which also featured on this weekend’s Guardian online edition. “It is a moral victory” commented to this weekend’s Guardian online edition Panagiotis Behrakis, head of The Institute of Public Health and of the Joint Action force on tobacco control in Europe.

The research concerns the anti-smoking law and the protection of the public against secondhand smoking. The sample was 2,054 people from all over the country.

According to the findings, lots of Greeks have turned their back on smoking and are disappointed by the failed application of the anti-smoking law to restaurants and other communal areas.

Specifically, 27.1% of the population are still smokers compared to 36.7% in 2012. This drop, of 9.6 percentage points over 5 years, marks an all-time low at a European level and certainly holds the smallest prevalence of smoking in the Greek population.

Read the full Guardian article here.

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ACG-supported NGO makes it to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list

Kostapanos Miliaresis and Christos Panagiotou are two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who aspire to change the world for the better by putting their creativity and perseverance to good use.

Ethelon is their dream come true; an organization that promotes corporate volunteerism in the global society. Back in 2012, this group of Greek entrepreneurs founded GloVo, a global volunteers’ platform that connects volunteers with social events. Then the platform merged with Volunteer4Greece in 2016 to create Ethelon, a unified NGO that continues to make volunteering easier, not only in Greece but across the globe.

Their success became noticed by the Forbes team who went on to list them among the “30 under 30” Social Entrepreneurs in Europe and in the ensuing conference that took place in Boston earlier in November.

“Our participation in the Forbes 30 under 30 Conference has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On top of Ethelon, we had the honor of representing The American College of Greece; an institution of major importance to us that believed in us, supported us and is still by our side to this day, giving us the chance to make the most of this huge opportunity, and to support once more young entrepreneurship in Greece.”

Well done to them!

Read the full story here.