International Students
May 27


Why choose DEREE – The American College of Greece?

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The Office of International Students believes that while there are countless reasons to pursue a study abroad experience, four key benefits are:

  • Academic & Intellectual
    Students develop skills in problem solving and within a foreign culture gaining foreign language competencies, richer geographical and historical knowledge and exposure to cultural understanding and perspective that build a new narrative of global understanding.  
  • Professional
    Students develop a global network of new friends, alliances and contacts, will all serve to embolden a new sense of professional confidence, responsibility and taking chances...all skills which will support them throughout their lives.
  • Personal 
    Students are afforded the chance to explore and appreciate cultures outside their native culture.  Gaining an appreciation of a foreign culture often helps students develop newfound sense of confidence, identity, flexibility, creativity and opportunities. 
  • Global Perspective 
    Students gain tangible ethnocentric awareness which provide a deeper and more meaningful understanding of cross-cultural sensibilities, sensitivities and perspectives as they develop language skills, explore cultural, scientific and professional differences (and similarities) that make them more diverse and global in their critical thinking.  

ACG classes are taught in English with hundreds of liberal arts, science and business courses to expand your academic horizons and learning opportunities.   New England Association of Schools and Colleges, NEASC, accreditation and Open University degree validation means that course work at ACG is recognized in the US and EU.  Which might explain why ACG has students from over 54 countries represented in its student body.

The College's 64-acre campus location on a hillside at the edge of Athens, offers an ideal jumping off point to explore Athens, just a short ride from campus where you can visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the ancient Agora and Plaka, museums, vibrant city-life or the beautiful beaches, and seaside port of Piraeus from which you will no doubt to a trip to the mythical Greek islands.

Contact our international team for further information at internationalstudents@acg.edu