When Words Become Something to Remember

An open lecture by
Dionisis Kokkaliaris

When: Monday, March 6, 18:00–21:00

Where: Center for the Arts Auditorium

Organized by: The Graduate Master Class Series, School of Graduate and Professional Education

To reserve your place, please contact Maria Kritikou via email: mkritikou@acg.edu or telephone: 210 6009800 ext. 1210.

Workshop Description

People have always relied on stories to connect with others and create experiences. They have also always used stories to explain and understand the world around them. How many times have we each used a story to explain ourselves and, subsequently, our actions? Thousands of these stories are all around us, every single day. We are attracted to them and we are wired to remember the best ones. Those that stand out. In today’s world of overexposure to data, via countless sources, the role of Public Relations is more crucial and more important than ever. There is a great challenge out there. To be a powerful narrator, to be able to make your story stand out! These are the issues that we are going to discuss during the lecture. An approach on how to make a great beginning in the world of PR narrating – along with a few case studies.

Dionisis Kokkaliaris

DionisisKokkaliaris (1)

Dionisis Kokkaliaris is a passionate and dedicated PR professional, experienced in the management, design and implementation of corporate and brand PR campaigns, public relations strategies and media relations. For the past five years, Kokkaliaris has been a member of the Asset Ogilvy Public Relations family, where he is now Account Director, working with clients across various industries such as technology, cosmetics, education, sports, luxury goods, B2B and FMCG. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Media and Culture, and a master’s degree in Media Psychology, both from the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. In his free time, he enjoys playing board games and reading books, with a specific interest in modern British literature.