Natalia Pliakou


BA (High Distinction), Psychology, Deree- The American College of Greece; MA (Highest Distinction), Behavioral Neuroscience, Boston College; PsychD, Psychotherapeutic & Counselling Psychology, University of Surrey.

Natalia Pliakou, an HCPC/BPS registered Counseling Psychologist, joined Deree in 2015 and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Psychology. She previously lectured at the PsychD Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic & Counseling Psychology at the University of Surrey and supervised trainees’ doctoral theses. She has worked for many years as a psychologist/clinical supervisor for public and private psychological services in the UK, where she also specialized on community trauma services for vulnerable populations. She is an accredited clinical supervisor as well as a clinical trainer for medical organizations.

Her research interests have included the emotional possibilities and relational dynamics in therapy, father-daughter relationships and their effects on daughters’ psychosocial development, fathers’ role in the development of eating disorders in women, women and leadership, neuroscience and psychotherapy, as well as the neurobiological mechanisms of maternal behaviour, or lack of.