Athanassios Triantafyllidis

Management Information Systems (MIS)

BSc, Deree – The American College of Greece; ACP/ICCP, MSc Stirling University, PhD Candidate, Plymouth University

Athanassios Triantafyllidis was a part-time faculty member at Deree from 1993 to 2004. Throughout his career, he served as a consultant, trainer and developer in several domestic and multinational corporations while simultaneously creating his own electronic commerce business. In 2004, he shifted his career to serve as a full-time professor within the CIS Department teaching courses across the curriculum. He currently teaches Introduction to Information Systems, Business Information Systems, Electronic Commerce and Analysis and Design of Information Systems. He is currently a doctoral research candidate with Plymouth University at the Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research. His current research interests are focused on Virtual Learning Management Systems productivity.